Weekend Gaming: 300th Post!

This is my 300th post according to WordPress.  I can’t really believe that I have written that many posts over the past few years, but it’s been great.  I’m glad that I am able to continue doing this and plan on doing this for another 300 posts at least.

In the gaming news, on Friday Joe, Jaime, Kevin and Tyrel came over and we started things off with a game of Hansa Teutonica.  I began the game with the plan to upgrade my keys and go for a bunch of connected cities, but I started off wrong and got a bit caught up with getting in Joe’s way.  It really didn’t work out all that well.  Gina was going for the route across the board, and was a step away when Joe decided to get in the way.  I helped her get around Joe, but it wasn’t quite enough for her.  Kevin actually ended up winning the game by snagging a bunch of bonuses, emptying most of his board and grabbing the points in the lower left of the board on the last turn.

After that we broke out Power Grid: The First Sparks.  I had a bit of everything, but I got burned a few turns when the technology market ended up with nothing but Knowledges and I missed out on technology upgrades.  I was able to position myself better towards the end, but Joe was able to use a well timed Speech buy to allow himself to place 4 new clam members and snag the win.

On Saturday we got together again with Joe, Kevin, Louis and Ryan and decided to play Louis’ new copy of A Game of Thrones.  It took a bit to learn, but then we were off and running.  I was positioned in middle of the western coast, with Ryan right below me and Kevin to the North.  It was definitely a tricky game to figure out, and we ended up calling the game a bit early.  That said, I was actually able to pull out a win by moving up and taking over Kevin’s land.  On what we decided would be the last turn, Kevin moved out of my way, which allowed my to take over one of his strongholds easily and then attack Ryan for the last stronghold needed to win.  The game was fun, but definitely better suited for a longer Saturday afternoon session.

Finally, on Sunday, we headed over to Joe’s to watch the Superbowl.  Overall it was a fun weekend with a bunch of newer games.  Until next time, happy gaming.

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  1. 1 ianthecool February 7, 2012 at 5:50 pm

    Wow, so guess what? I also just recently had my 300th post! and I also played Game of Thrones on Saturday! Great game. We didn’t have many problems figuring it out though. Did you do a rules read-through beofre you introduced it to people? That really helps. We played the whole 10 turns and had a blast. It took probably 3 or 3 1/2 hours. A fantastic game, I can’t wait to play again.

  2. 2 Rkik February 7, 2012 at 7:57 pm


    As for Game of Thrones, it wasn’t my game, and I hadn’t thought to download the rules for a read-through. We didn’t have too much trouble, but some of the smaller rules got argued a few times (ports mainly). It didn’t help that we do have one guy who is a bit of a rules-lawyer and can cause some arguments.

    Also, we had a weird case where the cards that force a bid on the Sword, Crown and Raven tracks never came up, so that never happened.

    I enjoyed the game and look forward to playing it again now that we’re a bit more familiar.

    • 3 ianthecool February 7, 2012 at 10:02 pm

      Yeah our rules-lawyer was missing for this game, which probably helped. We didn’t really care if we had all the rules down or not. After all, it was a first game and w were just having fun hanging out together and making Game of Thrones themed jokes with each other.

      • 4 Rkik February 7, 2012 at 10:20 pm

        “making Game of Thrones themed jokes with each other.”

        That was definitely something that I think we were lacking. I don’t think any of us have read the books, and I’m pretty sure most of them haven’t seen the show. So there wasn’t much of that going on.

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