Weekend Gaming: Jet Lag

I got home from Paris Friday evening, and  crashed pretty hard after spending 20+ hours in airports and on planes.

Joe and Britta joined us Saturday night, and none of use were up for learning a new game, so we broke out some Dominion.  We played the Lucky 7’s setup from the Prosperity and Intrigue sets.  I had a terrible time getting anything going, while Joe and Britta were cruising along pretty well.  We all thought Joe had the game well in hand, as he had bought a couple Colonies, but Britta actually managed to overtake him by buying a bunch of Provinces.

Ryan showed up at this point, and we played some 7 Wonders.  Again I was having a tough time doing anything, and finished the game in last place.  Britta and Joe both did very well, and Joe ended up winning by a point.

After that, Britta called it a night, so we played some Princes of Florence.  I was able to get a strong setup needing only the large buildings to do my works.  I was also able to pick up a couple of Recruiting cards to get the others that I needed.  I spent the last two rounds just playing Works, which was enough to put me in first.  It was close, though, as Gina picked up 18 points with a single work using Bonus cards, and Joe had 3 Prestige cards for 21 points.  I ended up winning by only a couple points.

We finished up the night with a couple games of Euchre.  I had to teach the game to Ryan and Joe, but they caught on pretty quickly.  Both games were surprisingly quick.  I was getting very lucky hands and managed to get a couple of 6 point hands in each game, and managed to win both.

Overall it was a nice relaxing weekend, and I’m very happy to be home.  Until next time, happy gaming.


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