Weekend Gaming: RTT Report

On Saturday I played in a 40k RTT.  It was kind of an odd setup, where each person brought a 1500 point army and then in each round we were paired up with another player.  So in each game there were two 1500 point armies facing off against each other.  I was playing the first list from this post.

In my first game, I was playing with a Grey Knights player against Orks and Tyranids.  The game was Kill Points and the Orks and Nids had first turn.  They setup with a big squad of Nob Bikers on one side and some normal bikes on the other.  The Nids had Hive Guard in a building, a Tervigon and Tyrant behind the Nobs and a Trygon, Genestealers and Zoathorpes in a pod in reserve.  We setup with the Grey Knights with their Terminators across from the Nobs.  I setup on the opposite side to get the most shooting as possible.

The Nobs zipped forward and the Grey Knights Terminators met them head on.  That assault went on for the first few turns.  While that happened, my Rune Priest lost his ride, but managed to get forward and use Jaws on two of the Hive Guard.  His squad got shot and assaulted by the Ork Bikers and while his squad was wiped out, he survived and actually managed to sweep the Orks off the table.  The Dreadknight tried to flame some hormagaunts, but didn’t do much.  The Gaunts then managed to swarm the Knight and take him down.

We only made it to turn four, but the assault and Jaws were definitely strong points.  The low point for me was the Genestealers popping out in the building where my Long Fangs were holed up and eating them.  The game ended with us barely winning on kill points 11 to 10, but that was only good enough for a draw based on mission points.

The next game had me paired with another Space Wolves player against the same Orks as game one and an Imperial Guard player.  The mission was 5 objectives, with a Spearhead deployment.  The odd thing with the deployment was that the teammates were in opposite corners and the opponents were in the other two corners.  We won first turn, so we took the corners that held two nice buildings.  We then agreed to basically stay away from the Orks and converge on the IG.  The thing was, both of us had Rune Priests with Jaws, so on the first turn our Priests headed toward the Orks and just hammered them with Jaws and Missiles.  By the end of the first turn there were 4 Nob Bikers left and my Thunderwolves were dug into a pile of Guard.

After the Orks were pretty well wiped out, the Guard didn’t last much longer.  They did have a nice shot with a melta blast that took out two Rhinos, but that was the limit.  My wolves spent all game eating Guardsmen and we were able to gather up all the objectives.

Going into game three I was four points behind the leader (the other Space Wolves player).  I was playing with another Grey Knights player against a mech Imperial Guard and a horde of Orks.  The mission was Capture and Control, but where each team selected an HQ to be the objective.  If the HQ died, then the objective would fall on the ground.  We put our objective with Draigo and he just holed up in a building all game.  The Ork Warboss held their objective.

Being Dawn of War, the first turn was rather uneventful.  We did pop one Chimera, but that’s it.  They managed to down our Stormraven carrying a load of Paladins.  On the second turn, my Rune Priest managed to peak through a window and snipe the Warboss with Jaws, but that’s the closest we’d get.  My Thunderwolves slugged it out with a squad of Boyz, but eventually fell to the power fist.  We just could kill enough Orks in the three turns we had, and we weren’t quite able to get to the opponents’ objective.

The Paladins did quite will eating up Orks, and our dice were hot blowing up tanks left and right, but it just wasn’t enough.

In the end, I finished with a win and two draws.  The other Space Wolves play managed to win Best General, while the Ork player I played in the first two rounds took Best Sportsman and an Eldar player won Best Painted.

The tournament was a lot of fun, but 3000 points per side was a bit much.  Things ran a bit slow and very few people managed to finish their games.  I’d love to play another team tournament in the future with slightly smaller armies.

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