Weekend Gaming: Agricola

Joe, Phil and Kevin joined us on Saturday night and brought Agricola with them.  I started the game and the first thing I noticed in my hand was that I had three occupations and two minor improvements that would help in building to stone rooms.  So that was my plan going in.  My mistake, though, was that I didn’t have a good idea on how I was going to get food for my family.  I ended up getting a cooking fire and cooking some animals for food.  As for my house plans, I had discounts to renovating to stone and I could go straight from wood to stone.  I ended up building two rooms and then renovating, but I should have built a lot more, since I had a tough time getting the stone to build any more rooms.  I ended up in third place, mostly due to bonuses and my house, but it also helped that I had an occupation that prevented me from losing a bunch of points for things I didn’t have at the end.  It was a better game that I’ve had in the past, but my plan was definitely flawed.

The second game of the night was Puerto Rico.  I was heading for a strong builder strategy, but I started out with very little to sell.  It took me a few turns to get coffee production going, but I did alright selling indigo for the first few turns.  Eventually I was able to fill the bottom part of my island and get four quarries for the discounts.  I picked up two of the large buildings, and finished the game with 10 shipping points and another 35 from my buildings for 45 points and first place.

We finished up the night with a couple games of Dominion Intrigue.  The first set had both the Swindler and the Sabateur and it ended pretty badly for everyone.  I had a whopping zero points, and Joe won with 15 or so.  Phil and Kevin took off at that point and so Joe, Gina and I played another round.  I was able to use Scouts and Wishing Wells to setup a pretty strong engine, though it was interrupted periodically by Gina’s Masquerades.  I was able to pull in the last Province to end the game, which was good because up to that point Joe and I were tied.  Had I not picked up that Province he would have.

Until next time, happy gaming.


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