Agricola, again

Phil left his copy of Agricola here, so Gina and I decided to give it a play tonight.  I started up with the Quarry improvement, which requires 4 occupations before playing, and the tutor occupation that gives bonuses for playing occupations.  So I had a plan to build up a bunch of occupations, using wood and a joinery along with the day laborers action to provide food.  That plan pretty much worked out as planned.  I was able to gather stone to upgrade to a stone house and ended the game playing all but one of my occupations.  Sadly that one occupation I didn’t play was the Tutor.  I had read it wrong and thought it game points for every occupation played “before” the Tutor, but after reading it again, I realized it was every occupation “after”.  So I missed out on six points because of that.

I ended the game with 36 points, even though I had no animals or food.  I was able to pick up a bunch of points with my house, my family and bonus points.

Gina also had 36 points, mostly from a bunch of animals and bonus points.  It was a good time, and it was nice to get another play in with just to the two of us to really figure out the game.  Now that I’ve played it again within a short period, I’m really liking the game more and more.


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