Risk Legacy: Games 2 & 3

Ryan, Louis, Joe, Phil and I got together for some more Risk Legacy last night.  In the first game, I was last to choose and ended up as the Enclave of the Bear again.  I decided to start down in Argentina, and on the first turn I reached out an attacked Joe’s HQ in Russia.  I had spread way too thin, though, and Louis was able to remove my control of South America, while Phil took Joe’s HQ.

Ryan had been sitting in Australia, attacking Joe and Louis now and then.  Eventually, though, he saw his chance when Phil left Joe’s HQ undefended and Louis had a hole in his defense.  Ryan was able to strike out and took both HQ’s in the same turn, winning the game.  He renamed Australia to Ryanpotemia.  For holding on, I decided to create the city of Cheeselandia in Western Europe, while Phil, Joe and Louis improved cards.

Ryan’s win

For the second game, I won the roll to go first and decided to stick with the Enclave, but started out in the Eastern US.  I was able to hold the lower US and part of South America, but Joe, Louis and Phil were encroaching from Asia, Europe and Africa, respectively.  Ryan was again in Ryanpotemia, striking at Joe occasionally.  Joe was able to score a couple of two-coin cards early on in attacks, so the turn before he was going to turn them in for 13 armies, I went on the offensive.  The Bears have the ability where if they roll three-of-a-kind on the attack dice, they wipe out everyone in the defending area.  I went for Joe’s HQ in Mongolia, but I only got two attacks before I was too weak to continue.

The next turn, Joe spent his cards for 13 armies and proceeded to roll through me and Louis for the win.  He chose to create the major city of Unpronounceable, Venezuela as his reward.  Louis created Beervana in Northern Europe and Phil, Ryan and I improved cards.

It’s definitely getting interesting, and we’ll likely open up the first pack of cards in the next game or so.

Until next time, happy gaming!


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