Risk Legacy: Games 4 & 5

Ryan, Louis, Joe and Phil came over last night for some more Risk Legacy action.  Joe won the roll to go first, and he took the Enclave of the Bear, denying me my preferred group.  I ended up taking the Saharan Republic and started out in Greenland.

I was able to move across the Northern US early and took Phil’s HQ in Japan, but then I slowed down a bit.  Joe attacked my HQ a few times from the US side, but never really threw enough resources at it to take it.  Louis and Ryan were battling in lower Aisa/Australia, and managed to weaken each other enough that I was able to make a small turn in for extra troops and march in to take Ryan’s base for the win.  As my reward, I created the major city of Cybertron in Greenland, and the others all created minor cities.  This caused the first pack of cards to be opened.

The rest of this post contains spoilers of what is in the packs, so click through to see more.

The pack for founding all of the minor cities contained draft cards that would change the way the starting player and factions work.  From now on, players draft the order of deployment, turn order, factions and other benefits like starting coins and armies.  Since it wasn’t too late, we decided to start another game.

I was able to pick up the Enclave of the Bear, the first turn, a starting coin and the ability to start with 10 armies rather than the normal 8.  I deployed in Greenland again and slowly spread out into Europe.

Then the proverbial crap hit the fan.  Joe had placed his base in Western Africa, while Louis was headquartered in Peru.  Joe went right for the throat and attacked on his first turn.  He then proceeded to us his missile to improve one of his rolls, Ryan used his missile to help Louis, and since one of the packs required the use of a third missile to open, I fired off the third.  The pack that we opened cause the complete destruction of Peru and Louis’ HQ due to nuclear fallout.  This also brought out a new race of Mutants available for the next game.  The Bears were now known as the Bringers of Nuclear Fire.

Louis was able to come back in Central America, and after I received a bunch of extra armies due to some event cards, I became a target.  I was able to migrate into South America and Eastern Africa after Louis and I eliminated Joe completely from the game, causing another pack to open containing some special powers and more scar cards.

Side note: it was at this point that Joe reread the rules for Scars and realized that we should have been using them since game one.  We now know for next time, and there will be a lot more scars on the board.

Louis had come back pretty strong and managed to take my HQ, and he had an extra gold star from a card turn in.  He attempted an attack on Phil’s HQ, which Ryan held, but came up just short.  On the following turn, I turned in cards for seven armies (I had turned in cards for a Star earlier) and proceeded to attack from Alberta.  I took my HQ back from Louis and then marched across the US into Asia for an attack on the HQ in Japan.

I was doing well, but Phil had a missile remaining and cards for a big turn in next turn.  I made it to Japan with only two armies available to attack against a single defender.  I succeeded with my first attack, but Phil used his missile to deny my win.  So I was down to a single attacker to go for the win.  Ryan and I rolled, and mine comes up six to his one.  I had won!

North America was renamed to Fenris in celebration and the Bears had finally won.  We opened another pack because I had signed the board twice, and now we have access to missions and even more scars.

The second game did take considerably longer, but we were still done in about two hours.  We really couldn’t complain, though, considering how much took place.  It was one heck of a game, and the world is really taking shape now.

Until next time, happy gaming!

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  1. 1 ianthecool May 10, 2012 at 9:03 pm

    This idea certainly intrigues me, so I didn’t read the spoilers just in case I ever do purchase it.

    • 2 Rkik May 10, 2012 at 11:23 pm

      Yeah, it is a really fun concept. It’s just a ton of fun to change the game as you go. The worst part for me is naming cities, just because I’m terrible at coming up with good names,

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