The Children’s Crusade

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The worst blog on BGG AKA the Plastic Hell Designer Diary!
So now that I’ve got the two boys (2.5 years and 7 weeks) I want to bring them into this little hobby of ours. I know that some of you may say “Aren’t they a little young?” but I disagree. They are the perfect age to play my new game! Please note that this game requires you own a baby and a toddler. Sullen teenagers are optional.

The Children’s Crusade

This is a miniatures style wargame. All units need to be made out of cardboard or a paper material however. Units come in 3 varieties, Infantry, Calvary and artillery. Each cardboard piece is required to have this written what it is on it. Otherwise unit design is up to you.

Units of measure. The standard unit of measure is one baby. The baby may be of any size/age as long as both players agree on the baby. Each player may want to use their own baby though. This is possible but it gives the advantage to players with taller babies. If you are willing to exploit your baby’s size advantage in this manner you will go far in this game. Babies over 12 months old are not recommended. Making cardboard cutouts of babies instead of using actual babies for measure is FROWNED UPON.

At several times in these rules there are measurements given such as 1/s Baby. It is imperative that YOU DO NOT ACTUALLY CUT A BABY IN HALF for this. Perhaps a playsuit with a stripe down the center?

More here: The worst blog on BGG AKA the Plastic Hell Designer Diary!


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