Risk Legacy: Game 6 (Spoilers)

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Game six of our Risk Legacy Campaign was the shortest game yet.  I was playing the Enclave of the Bear, Louis was the new Mutant faction, Joe was the Saharans, Phil was his Kahn Industries and Ryan took the Die Mechaniker.  I was going last, and Joe, going first, had set his HQ as close to me as possible.  On the first turn he charged over and knocked me out.  I was okay with this, as it did give me a new power.  I chose the Stealthy power that lets the Bears deploy their reinforcements to any unoccupied, unmarked spot on the board.

Louis had deployed down in South America near the Fallout in Peru, but he needed to get to Russia to control the Bio-Hazard region to complete the Mutants’ mission for a star.

Ryan spread himself around Australia as usual, but then got hit with a Resistance event that knocked him out of mainland Australia.

Phil was messing around in Asia, and then I returned in Madagascar with some Mercenary support.  It didn’t matter, though, as Joe had left himself too exposed and Louis was able to use an early turn-in plus his continent bonus to shuffle up through Europe, claiming the Bio-Hazard in Russia and then into Scandanavia to take Joe’s base.  Louis had two HQ’s, his initial point for not having won a game, and the point from the Mutant mission.  Enough for the win.


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