Risk Legacy: Game 7 (Spoilers)

This post contains spoilers.

To say game seven was a bit more eventful than the last would be an understatement.  In the draft, I picked up my Bears, the First Turn, Last Placement, six troop and zero coins.  Ryan had the Saharans, Louis had the Mutants again, Joe took the Kahn Industries, and Phil took Imperial Balkania.

The starting setup is seen below, with Louis in Argentina, Joe in East Asia, Phil in the US, Ryan in Madagascar and me in Great Britain.  A note on Ryan’s setup, we realized a few turns in that he had placed his HQ illegally due to the scar in Madagascar, so he moved his HQ into Africa for the rest of the game.

Early on, Ryan placed another Bio-Hazard scar onto New Guinea, thus making Australia unavailable for any future starting locations.  Joe placed some Mercenaries into Eastern Asia bolstering his HQ.

Now, I had initially taken the First Turn and Last Placement abilities with the intention to setup and strike early, but after only getting six troops to start the game I was a little wary and placed myself defensively instead.

The first few turns were spent positioning.  After the last game, no one wanted to go all out and leave an easy opening for someone else.  Louis had control of most of South America, but didn’t push into Venezuela with Phil sitting in Central America.  Phil was amassing power, but was afraid of the Resistance event, so he never left fewer that three troops in each city, spreading his forces all over.  Joe was quickly massing a large force in Asia, but not doing much otherwise.

The only real major event in the first few turns was after Ryan had taken control of Africa.  I struck into Egypt with the intent to take it for a resource card.  After I claimed, the next resource triggered the Agent of Chaos event, which states that if no human faction controls a continent, then the Mutants gain a star.  Since I had just taken control of Africa away from Ryan, Louis gained the star.

Louis struck first and managed to move into Russia and take my HQ, but wasn’t able to get much further.  At this point Joe had a very sizable force in both Asia and Southern Europe.  Because of Louis’ attack, there were good lanes for Joe to strike at Ryan and I. Sadly, Joe rolled terribly for his attacks.  He was able to do enough to take Ryan’s and my HQs, but it cost him a lot.  Joe realized too late that if he had taken a slightly different route he could have claimed the mission to conquer four territories via water routes, and he still almost managed to pull it off.  Ultimately, though, his poor dice did him in, and he was left with a lot of territories held by very weakened armies.

I was up next, and I had a minuscule change if things went my way.  My only remaining troops were holed up in Brazil, but I had the Stealthy power, so I dropped my reinforcements in Asia and went for it.  I started by assaulting Louis’ HQ in Argentina.  Then I marches my forces from Asia, through Joe into Ryan’s HQ.  I needed to roll perfectly in order to take Ryan’s HQ and then move up into Europe and take my HQ back by water claiming the mission as well.  Sadly it was not to be.  I ended up getting stopped after taking Ryan’s HQ, and just held up there.

After that bit of excitement, everyone turned back to regrouping and reforming their armies for a few turns.  Finally, Louis was able to take advantage of Joe’s weakened state and attacked from Russia, through Eastern Asia and claimed Joe’s HQ and the final Bio-Hazard zone for the win.

It was definitely one of the most action packed games we’ve had yet.  Everyone was in a position to win at one point or another.  Had Louis not taken it, Phil was setup to strike on his turn.

The board is really starting to take shape.  Three of the five continents have been named; Fenris (North America), TNMT Sewers (South America) and Ryanpotemia (Australia).  Four of the major cities have been founded as well; Cybertron, Greenland (me); Unpronouncable, Venezuela (Joe); Lago Carlos, Argentina (Louis) and Takehara Corp, Japan (Phil).

Until next time, happy gaming!


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