Weekend Gaming: Memorial Day Gaming and BBQ

Saturday started off with Ryan, Kevin, Gina and I playing some Caylus.  I was running for a bunch of money using civilian houses, but that didn’t really pay off.  Ryan was contributing a bunch to the castle and I just wasn’t able to keep up.

Next up was some Dominion using the Jester’s Court set from the Cornucopia set.  I was gunning for a bunch of Fairgrounds to get my points, and while I was able to pick up a bunch, the Curses from Gina’s Young Witch proved too costly.  Ryan had managed to grab a couple more Fairgrounds than I, and Kevin had a cornucopia of other victory cards.  He had enough Estates to nullify all the Curses he had received along with a bunch of Duchies and Provinces.  Enough to take the game.

We finished up the night with some Acquire.  I had positioned myself fairly well early on with one of the biggest companies on the board, but I ran out of steam before I could grab the majority.  I was unable to merge my companies into the big one, and Kevin was able to grab the lead from me through a couple strong mergers.  In the end I was in third place behind Kevin and Joe.  Joe just barely squeaked past Kevin, beating him by only $200.

Sunday afternoon, Ryan and Joe came over and we played another game of Caylus.  This time I was trying to leverage the Jousting action to get favors quickly to build the stone resource production building early.  This didn’t work out all that well, though, because I ended up low on money each turn and I wasn’t able to get them built as early as I had liked.  That and Ryan and I were dueling for the gold space in order to build a monument.  Gina and Joe were consistently building buildings and contributing to the castle, so they had a sizable lead.  Ryan was able to force the game to end before I had wanted, and they filled up the wall portion of the contributions before I could donate the large stack of goods that I had acquired.  Gina ended up beating Joe out by two points for the win.

That evening, Joe, Jaime, Kyle, Phil and Ryan joined us and we started off with Puerto Rico.  I had a terrible game where I started with a money strategy, but then switched when that started to go bad.  I ended up just feeding Joe shipping points until the game ended.

We followed that with much more interesting game of Battlestar Galactica.  I was playing as Saul Tye, Gina was Helo, Joe was Laura, Phil had the Chief, Kyle was Boomer and Ryan was Starbuck.  The game started off badly with an immediate strike by the Cylons with two basestars and a ton of raiders.  Things looked dicey, but we were able to survive and make a quick jump.

From there, things slowed down.  There were very few Cylon attacks, so things got much more political.  Phil was convinced that I was a Cylon (I wasn’t), and just wouldn’t let it go.  I ended up in the brig due to a Crisis card and spent a few turns there before I could convince people to let me out.  Ryan tried to throw Gina in the brig, but failed, and he failed at throwing Joe in the brig.

After we had made our second jump and everyone was dealt another loyalty card, I ended up being revealed as a human sympathizer, meaning there was no way I could be a cylon.  We managed to throw Phil in the brig because he was being suspicious, and Joe took that opportunity to reveal that he was a Cylon and threw me in the brig.

The exact order of things are a bit fuzzy at this point, but I know that Joe managed to hit us with a Super Crisis and we ended up with four Cylon markers on the boarding track basically signalling our impending doom.  Seeing no value in trying to get out of jail, I started issuing orders to Ryan.  He took a strike force and rolled extremely well to knock two of the Cylon raiding parties off the ship.

We were able to relax a bit at this point, and started focusing on getting home.  I continued to issue orders from the brig while the others were able to advance the jump track.  It came very close at the end, as we were very low on population and fuel, but we were able to make a perfect jump to get us within one of Kobol and then things worked out and Joe just wasn’t able to do enough.  The humans had made it home.

It was revealed that Joe had received both of the Cylon cards.  He could have given one to a different player, but he chose to use his Super Crisis instead.  The four Cylons on the ship should have meant the end for the humans, but Ryan came through to save the day.  I wish I had snapped a picture of the results, but it was a great, close game with plenty of intrigue and backstabbing.

Monday evening was spent with a barbecue and a couple games to finish the weekend out.  Joe, Jaime, Gina, Ryan and I played 7 Wonders, which was won by Gina, and then Ticket to Ride: Europe which was won by Jaime after she had managed to complete 11 routes for a whopping 78 points.

Overall it was a wonderful weekend spent with friends.  Until next time, happy gaming!


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