Risk Legacy: Game 8

This post contains spoilers.  Click below to read more.

Game 8 of our Risk Legacy campaign started started off as seen below:

Phil: Die Machaniker, Japan, 1st turn, 10 troops, 1 Missile
Joe: Saharan Republic, East Africa, 2nd turn, 6 troops, 1 Missile
Ryan: Kahn Industries, India, 3rd turn, 10 troops, 1 Missile
Andy (me): Enclave of the Bear, Greenland, 4th turn, 8 troops, 0 Coin, 4 Missiles
Louis: Mutants, Argentina, 5th turn, 8 troops, 2 Missiles

The game started off with Phil striking out at Ryan in an attempt to claim the three coin Japan card.  He failed, though, leaving himself spread thin.  Joe just spread out a bit in Africa, while Ryan struck back at Phil.  He took Japan from him, leaving Phil with only Southeast Asia.

With Joe and Louis positioned so far from me, I took advantage and marched across Canada and into Asia, knocking Ryan out and taking his and Phil’s headquarters.  I also claimed Ryan’s card for knocking him out.  Louis wasn’t able to reach me and just spread out in South America.  Phil tried to regain some ground, but failed to roll well enough.  Joe decided to reinforce his HQ rather than strike out, and Ryan redeployed in Great Britain and spread into Europe.  At some point during all that, the Fortify event happened, and I was able to fortify Cybertron in Greenland, which would matter in the next game.

On my turn, I redeemed two cards worth five coins for 10 troops, plus my 4 for territories.  I dropped them all in the Middle East with my Stealthy ability (for all it mattered) and then marched on Joe’s HQ.  Things were pretty even for the first few rolls.  Then I managed to roll triple 3’s.  Joe had a 3 and a 1, so I was hoping to get my faction’s super power to work, but Louis helped Joe with a missile.  Two rolls later, though, I hit triple 6’s and there weren’t enough missiles left to help Joe out.  I had finally managed to get the Bears’ power to work and eliminated Joe with an epic roll.  The game was mine.

I ended up creating the city of “Here there be Bears!” in Western US.  It was another 30 minute game to start off the night due to some extra aggression by Phil and Ryan.

Until next time, happy gaming!


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