Risk Legacy: Game 9

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Starting positions:
Ryan: Kahn Industries, East Africa, 1st turn, 10 troops, 1 missile
Joe: Saharan Republic, Iceland, 8 troops, 1 missile
Phil: Die Mechaniker, Japan, 10 troops, 1 missile
Andy (me): Enclave of the Bear, Western US, 8 troops, 5 missiles
Louis: Mutants, Argentina, 6 troops, 2 missiles

I made a mistake when deploying, and completely forgot about the fortifications in Greenland.  I decided to take Western US with the intent to spread through the US more easily.  Joe deployed in Iceland with the intent to take and hole Greenland from me.  Early on, he move through there and attacked my HQ, forcing me to use a couple missile to defend myself.

On my turn, I dropped my three reinforcements into Asia in order to take Mongolia from Phil for a two coin card.  Phil spread throughout Asia, while Ryan took Africa and Louis held on to South America.

After defending another attack on my base from Joe leaving me with only two troops there, I dropped my reinforcements in Great Britain to attack Joe’s HQ.  I then used my Recon special power to take a three coin card.  This was my second mistake.  I should have used the cards I had to get four more troops and reinforced my HQ.

Louis marched up from South America and attempted to take my HQ, but I was able to repel him using the last of my missiles.  Joe had better luck.  He had just enough to take my HQ, his HQ and covered the last two spots where I could have returned to, thus eliminating me from the game.  He didn’t last much longer though, as Louis managed to take my HQ from Joe, and then Ryan marched through Europe to knock Joe out.  This gave Ryan four cards, but he never had a chance to use them.

Phil hadn’t been able to make much headway in Asia, and he didn’t have enough me to stop Louis.  Louis had 21 population and managed to pull in 10 troops with his bonus from South America.  He dropped them in Brazil and then marched through Africa taking Ryan’s HQ and then up into Great Britain for Joe’s.  Combined with my HQ he had taken earlier, he had the four points needed to win.

Another great game with a lot more strategy.  Joe and I had the early action and both ended up eliminated.  Ryan was in a strong position, but just didn’t have the time.  Louis managed to win his third game, tying with me.  He decided to increase the bonus for South America by one, giving him a big advantage for holding it as the mutants.  Phil, Ryan and Joe need to step it up, as Louis and I have taken the last six games.

Until next time, happy gaming.


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