Risk Legacy: Game 10

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Ryan: Imperial Balkania, India, 1st turn
Phil: Enclave of the Bear, Japan, 2nd turn
Andy: Mutants, Greenland, 3rd turn
Joe: Kahn Industries, Western Africa, 4th turn
Louis: Saharan Republic, Great Britain, 5th turn

Another night, another short first game.

I had managed to get into Russia to start growing my forces, but pretty much stagnated there.  Ryan moved from India down into Australia, taking control of it, but not before the Agents of Chaos event provided me with an extra red star.  Joe moved his HQ into the fortified Southern Europe and Louis pretty much just sat in Great Britain and the surrounding areas.  Phil had spread all over Asia and was trading China back and forth with Ryan while amassing troops in Alaska.

The mission of the game was to conquer 4+ cities in a turn.  Phil had the chance to search the deck for a new mission so we could have placed the World Capital, but Phil wouldn’t have been able to claim it, while I had easy opportunity, so he took extra troops instead.

I didn’t like the troops in Alaska, so I took a small turn in for a total of 10 troops, marched across Canada and attacked.  I was successful in wiping him out, but it was a costly battle.  I hadn’t anticipated the number of troops that Louis would receive and when Louis turned in cards for an extra 13 troops, I was toast.  Louis marched up and took my base and then continued on into Japan for Phil’s.  This also gave him the four cities for the mission, granting him the last star and the game.

As his reward, he chose to remove the Biohazard scar from Australia.  Not only making it easier to complete the Mutants’ mission, but also making Australia a legal starting position once again.

Until next time, happy gaming.


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