Risk Legacy: Game 11

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Louis: Mutants, Western Africa, 1st Turn
Phil: Die Mechaniker, Japan, 2nd turn
Ryan: Imperial Balkania, New Guinea, 3rd turn
Andy: Enclave of the Bear, Greenland, 4th turn
Joe: Kahn Industries, Venezuela, 5th turn

The early turns progressed with Phil spreading over the entirety of Asia, while Ryan moved throughout Australia and knocked Phil out of Southeast Asia.  the mutants spread from Africa up through Europe into Russia for the first biohazard while positioning himself to move through Joe into Peru for the Fallout zone.  I managed to cut into Louis’ holdings in Europe to gain a territory card, but otherwise held my ground in Greenland.

After a couple turns of positioning, Ryan used a turn in to pick up a bunch of troops and hit Phil.  He managed to take out all of Phil’s holdings in Asia and made a strong push into Africa.  Before Ryan could finish Phil off, I used a missile to stop Ryan so that I could turn in my own resources and take Phil out for his resource cards.  I was successful in that, but I couldn’t do much damage to Louis.

Louis proceeded to attack his way from Russia into Japan to take Phil’s base from Ryan.  He then attacked Joe in Brazil.  He needed to knock Joe out of Brazil and then take Peru and Venezuela for the Fallout and Joe’s HQ.  I was forced to spend all of my missiles for Joe, otherwise Louis would have taken the game.

After that, Phil came back into North America and spend a couple turns expanding.  Ryan was able to knock Louis out of Japan, and I took Louis’ HQ in Africa.  I was eventually able to take control of both Europe and Africa, with Joe, Louis and Ryan too weak to put a stop to it.  I made a final turn in to provide me with 21 troops and rampaged through Asia and into Australia, taking Phil’s and Ryan’s HQs for the win.

One odd note about the game is that three Agents of Chaos events were drawn.  Had Ryan not held Australia for the majority of the game, Louis could have won without even taking another HQ.

I fortified “Here there be Bears” in the Western US, since the fortifications of Cybertron were weakened considerably after last game’s attacks.

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