Risk Legacy: Game 12

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Joe: 1st turn, Mutants, Venezuela
Louis: 2nd turn, Enclave of the Bear, New Guinea
Me: 3rd turn, Saharan Republic, Western US
Ryan: 4th turn, Kahn Industries, Great Britain
Phil: 5th turn, Die Mechaniker, Japan

With only four games left before the naming of the world and Louis and I tied at four wins each that the other three would need to win out to have a chance.  Thus, I decided early on that while I would obviously be trying to win, I would be more focused on making sure Louis didn’t win.

I initially thought that the game would be another short one, with three of us close together in the Western part of the world, but as it turned out, it was one of the most epic games we’ve played.  I started by attacking Joe on my first turn, trying to leverage my advantage against HQs, but I had no luck.  I ended up just fortifying my position in lower North America.

Joe then proceeded to poke me in Central America and then spread his way into Africa.  Ryan took Greenland and slowly spread over Europe.  No one was being overly aggressive, and preferred to just slowly expand.

Phil was holed up in Japan most of the game, but he was using his faction’s bonus for a card anytime he took a city by slowly expanding through the cities in Canada.  Louis held Australia, and was amassing his forces in Southeast Asia.

The first major event of the game came when a Resistance event is revealed.  Ryan had left only a single troop in Greenland, which died to the resistance.  Joe had a single troop die in South Africa (costing him the continent), but the real kicker was that he only had a single troop with his HQ in Venezuela.  He didn’t get the roll he needed and his HQ ended up demolished.  Now with only four total HQs on the board, it was going to be much more difficult to win without a mission or turn-in for a star.

After all that, I took advantage of the situation in Greenland and marched through there to knock Ryan out of Iceland, removing his continent bonus.  The next turn I turned in four cards for a star and took over the rest of North America.

Louis moved his troops out of Southeast Asia and marched through Joe in Africa.  He now controlled both continents and his stash of resource cards was growing.

While that was going on, Ryan tried to make a play for Phil’s HQ, but rolled terribly.  Phil managed to defend his base with ease and then continue to push out of Asia.

Joe could have left me alone in North America and taken some more hits on Louis, but instead he attacked through Central America and into my HQ.  I rolled well enough to be a pain, but not well enough to defend.

The next major Event card hits, and it’s the Join the Cause.  Joe has the highest population, so he gets to choose.  My turn is next, and I want to found the World City.  I try to lobby for a change in missions, but Joe decides to reinforce his position in my HQ instead.

One my turn, after realizing that Louis is in a very strong position, I decide to try and sacrifice myself.  I have some good resources, and there was no way I’d be able to take my HQ back anytime soon.  I made some minor attacks at Phil, which would allow him to move out of Japan more easily and attack Louis.  This left me very thinly spread, but did net me a four coin resource card.

Little did I realize, though, that Ryan and Joe already had plans for Louis.  Ryan turned in his resources and then marches down into Australia.  After an epic fight that cost Louis all of his missiles, his HQ is lost and Ryan holds Australia.  Joe then attacks Louis in Africa, neutralizing the threat.

At this point, Louis has a bunch of resources, but not much of a board presence.  Instead of turning in, he decided to try and hold out another turn for massive reinforcements.

I was able to turn in my resources and fortify my position in North America.  Ryan proceeded to make a pact with Phil to eliminate Louis.  Ryan attacked Louis and took his holdings in Africa, and then made a token attack on his forces in China.  Phil finished Louis off in China and Louis was out of the game.  This set Phil up with a ton of resources and a good chance at the game, but it wasn’t to be.

Another event card comes up, and again it is Join the Cause.  This time, Joe was next in line and he did have a chance for the World Capital.  He did change the mission, and then marched into Afghanistan (one of the 4 coin resources available).  Since he could only complete a single mission each turn, the Bio-hazard in Russia wasn’t going to help, so instead he attacked Ryan’s HQ.

Ryan defended valiantly, though, so Joe had to go to plan B.  He moved his troops out of my old HQ, and headed for Japan.  After being nigh indestructible all game, Phil’s HQ finally fell to the mutant onslaught and the game ended with Joe the victor.

The World Capital of MENOJK now exists in Afghanistan, and Joe renamed Africa to Plan B.

It was definitely the best game of Risk: Legacy yet.  Everyone had a chance, and the lead changed multiple times throughout the game.  I am looking forward to the next game and the chance to try for a personal mission for my faction.

Until next time, happy gaming!


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