Weekend Gaming: Cylon Invasion

On Friday, we went over to Joe’s for a barbecue and following that, Joe, Kevin, Louis, Phil and I played a game of Hawaii.  Phil and I both ended up going for a heavy fruit strategy.  Louis was raking in the points with the spear huts and god.  He was actually ended up lapping Kevin on the score track before end game scores were added.  Joe was amassing a ton of feet and using boats to score off the islands, and Kevin was trying to get Kahunas and Tikis, but having difficulty as they were the furthest from the beach.

Going into the final scoring, Louis had a massive lead, but he only ended up with about 15 end-game points.  Joe, on the other hand, scored nearly 50 points and managed to pass 100, and sneak by Louis for the win.

Then, on Saturday, Ryan, Louis, and Kevin joined Gina and I for some Battlestar Galactica.  I was playing as Gaius Baltar, Gina was Starbuck, Louis was Admiral Adama, Kevin was Helo and Ryan was Chief.  I initially forgot to deal myself a second Loyalty card, but remembered before we finished setting everything up.  It didn’t really matter, though, as I was a Cylon from the very first card.  I was also the President.

As the Cylon President, I spent most of my early turns gathering Quorum cards.  Sadly none were too useful.  It was evident fairly early that either Kevin or Gina was the other Cylon, because we failed a couple skill checks due to pilot cards getting tossed in the mix.  Gina had the option to look at a Loyalty card of the Admiral or the President, and she chose Louis’ and stated that he was a Cylon to the rest of us.  Shortly thereafter, she sent me to the Brig with a crisis card.  I then used my once per game to look at Gina’s loyalty card, and found out that she was the other Cylon.

A little while later, after I got out of the brig, things weren’t looking terrible for the humans.  All of the resources were at 6-7, but none of them really knew who the Cylons were.  They had jumped again to a total distance of five and the second loyalty cards had been dealt.  Ryan was getting fed up with the way that Kevin wasn’t really helping, so he took an action to send him to the Brig.  Gina was next, and she proceeded to reveal herself and sent Ryan to the brig.  I was ecstatic at this point, because I had just drawn a Quorum card that let me send Louis to the brig.  So the only free people were the revealed and unrevealed cylons and I was now both President and Admiral.

Things for the humans went downhill pretty quickly from there.  Galactica jumped again, and I made sure they were still two jumps away from winning.  Gina used her Super Crisis to surround Galactica with ships.  Ryan and Kevin eventually got out of the brig, but Ryan was still suspicious of Kevin, even though I had all but revealed myself when I brigged Louis.  Ryan took the Presidency from me, but then made me an Advocate, which I tried to use to throw Kevin back in the brig, but failed.

By this point, space was swarming with Cylons, and I was very tempted to jump again early to try and lose the three population.  With all the Cylon ships, though, I couldn’t pass up a Crisis card that might activate some of them.  Sadly I ended up with only activating heavy raiders, which didn’t do much, and advanced the jump track.  Ryan did jump successfully to put them within one jump of Kobol, but it wasn’t destined to be.

The next few Crisis cards again swarmed Galactica with Cylon ships and when Gina activated the Raiders, they blew up three civilian ships, knock the population down to one.  On my turn, I used the Communications Array to send two more of the Civilian Ships straight into the Raiders’ sights.  It didn’t even matter, though, as the next Crisis card had a -1 Population as the fail condition and I had plenty of cards ready to ensure that there was no way they would pass.

The humans made it quite close to home, but the Cylons finished them off in the end.

Finally, on Sunday, Joe and Tyrel joined me for a game of Agricola while Gina was out at a bridal shower.  Tyrel hadn’t played in quite a while, but he was able to get a solid grain sowing/baking thing going, though it didn’t get him many points.  I was working hard to get a stone house, but I had trouble feeding my large family and hard to resort to eating nearly all of my animals each turn.  Joe had a strong strategy with animals for food and a large wooden house.  He had a Yeoman Farmer, so he didn’t lose any points and a huge pasture that scored him a bunch of points with a Manger.  His farm was such that he only had four points going into the bonus points, and picked up 43 points from bonuses, including nine from a Braggart for having nine or more improvements.  It was quite ridiculous.

Another great weekend full of games.  Until next time, happy gaming.


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  1. 1 wrabbit37 July 2, 2012 at 3:05 pm

    I love Battlestar Galactica – perhaps my favorite game. Managing to pull both the admiralcy and presidency as the Cylon while everyone else was stuck in the brig? Very nicely done!

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