Risk Legacy: Game 13

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This is going to be a shorter recap just because so much happened.  I’ll have to just touch the high points.

Louis – Saharan Republic, Argentina
Andy – Enclave of the Bear, Western US
Ryan – Kahn Industries, New Guinea
Joe – The Mutants, Venezuela/Israel (World Capital)
Phil – Die Mechaniker, Japan

The mission was to take three major cities and the world capital for a personal mission and star.

Louis and I placed near Joe in order to make it more difficult for him to claim the easy mission.

First turn, Louis rolls through Joe in South America, eliminating him from the continent.

On my turn, I attack Louis in Venezuela, rolling triple 6s.  Louis is forced to use a missile, otherwise he would have been wiped out.

Joe regrouped and Phil and Ryan expanded slowly.

I was wiped out by Louis before my next turn, and Louis now held three bases.

I popped back up in Africa and just held my ground until I was wiped out again by Phil a few turns later.

Ryan made big turn-in and a huge push out from Australia.  He took Phil’s HQ, but then had a run of bad luck getting to my old HQ.  He managed to take it, but ended up one man short of making it to Cybertron in Greenland to complete the mission for the win.

Joe expanded a bit more, eating into Ryan’s territories.

Then Phil turned in a massive pile of cards and marched back into Japan and across Asia, Africa and into South America.  He ended up taking his HQ, Louis’ HQ and the World Capital.  This gave him the mission for a star, but in his march he skipped past Ryan’s HQ.  Had he defeated the sole army there, he would have taken the game that turn.

Louis attacked out of South America, making it to Ryan’s base in Southeast Asia, but without enough to reach Japan.

Ryan turned in and spread out all over the map to get the majority of the territories.  This rewarded him with the star for when the coin cards were exhausted a couple turns later.

I then managed to drop my Bears into Asia and took Japan for an HQ.  Then on my next turn, I turned in and placed in Eastern US.  I attacked Louis in Venezuela, trying for a repeat of the first turn, but only managed to take him down to two armies there.

It didn’t matter, though, as Ryan held two HQ’s and had a star, so he only needed on more.  He received nine armies from his territories and promptly stuck Japan to win.

End of the game. Ryan wins!

Until next time, happy gaming!


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