Agricola and Hawaii with Joe

Joe came over for some games last night and we started things off with Agricola.  Not much to say about the game other than my play was less than great.  I was trying to get a grain production going, but was too slow with it.  I didn’t get extra family until far too late and just wasn’t very efficient.

Joe, on the other hand, made strong use of a couple cards that gave him discounts on improvements and an occupation that let him buy two improvements if he took the start player action.  He ended up with a full family and 18 points worth of improvements at the end.

We played Hawaii next, and that one went much better for me.  Boats were close to the beach, and started out very cheap.  Gina went straight for the god that let her walk around the island for a single foot, Joe was collecting shells and I went straight for the boats.  I picked up two boats in the first round and then started visiting the islands.

I was able to pull in quite a few feet, and then the god that gives bonus points for boats was available in round two, so I grabbed that.  Boats continued to be cheap, and ignored, and I ended the game with all but two of them.  That combined with the two surfers netted me 36 points from my god at the end of the game.  I had already picked up a bunch of points visiting islands, and the end game points just put me over the top.

Until next time, happy gaming!


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