Wednesday Games: Navegador and Hawaii

Joe, Ryan and Louis came over for some gaming last night and we started things off with Navegador.  I was going first, so I started off by buying a couple more ships, as  I wanted to focus on an exploration strategy.  Louis and Ryan explored into the first two areas, while Gina and Joe bought factories.

Ryan was heavily focused on sugar colonies early and later diversified into gold colonies and spice factories.  Gina had a nice mix of colonies and factories.  Joe was heavily invested into factories.  Louis had a single colony and was making the most of it to buy up a church and shipyard, positioning himself for a late exploration push.  I had been successful in exploring for most of the game, but money was short.  I had mis-positioned my ships a few times and wasn’t able to efficiently get strong colonies.

I did end up with seven of the exploration tiles, but I wasn’t able to grab the one in Nagasaki.  I had maxed out my exploration privileges, but it wouldn’t be enough.  I had thought Joe was going to win with his maxed factory and shipyard points, but in reality it was Ryan that ended up in first.  He hadn’t filled his privileges,  but he had so much cash that he was easily able to buy up a bunch of colonies and factories for points.

Ryan – 88, Andy – 79, Louis – 68, Joe – 66, Gina – 57

Louis took off at that point and we pulled out Hawaii.  The boats were close to the beach, so that looked like a strong strategy, but I wanted to do something different.  I started off heading for the spear huts and picked up two in the first turn placing them in my second and third villages with the intent to get Kahunas for late game points.  I didn’t really leverage the spear huts enough, through the game, though and they only contributed around 20 points.

Joe picked up the god that gave extra points for satisfying his people at the end of the round, and later started picking up surfers to help that out.  He managed to be in first or second every round, while I only placed once, which would end up being the difference in the game.  Ryan was buying up all of the fruit, but couldn’t get to the fruit god, while Gina bought the boat god and a bunch of boats.

By the end or round three, I was able to max out my kahunas and get enough tikis that my small villages would score.  This ended up being a problem, though, as then Joe had ample time to do the same thing.  I was low on resource by that point, so I wasn’t easily able to pick up spear points around the island.

In the end, I was short of Joe by about 15 points.  His end of round scoring was able to out-do my spears and hula girl.

Joe – 122, Andy – 105, Gina – 90, Ryan – 71

Until next time, happy gaming!


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