Weekend Gaming: Out of Town

I spent Friday night with my friend Nick while our wives were out seeing a musical.  We spent most of the night playing Dominion: Hinterlands.  I think we managed to play six games in the few hours we had.  The games were pretty evenly split between the two of us.  As far as strategy went, Nick favored the Embassy and Tunnels when they were available to fill his deck with gold.  I tended to try more efficient routes, though Hinterlands didn’t provide a lot of opportunity to trash cards.

In one attempt I tried to use Farmland to trade gold for Provinces.  It was working alright, but I the stack of Farmlands ran out before the Provinces.  I wasn’t able to get the money to buy the last two Provinces, and Nick was.  In another game, I pushed a very strong Scheme, Highway, Develop strategy which allowed for cheap Provinces and trading copper for much better cards.

After the girls returned home, we all played a “quick” game of Euchre.  It started off strongly in Nick’s favor, but things turned toward the end.  Gina and I caught up, and went into the final hand each withing 2-3 points of the win.  Gina had bid three, and I had a change for a no-trump hand, so I took it for five.  It was a long-shot, though, and Gina had the cards to stop me.  She ended up taking enough tricks to put it all away.

On Saturday, Gina and I were both too tired for anything major after staying up way too late on Friday and then having to drive home.  We did get in a game of Agricola, though, using the Komplex deck.  I had a set of cards that really favored animals and gathering Wood.  I was able to build my family rather quickly and then get to a stone house, but wasn’t able to leverage the animals as well.  Gina was focusing on the animals as well, which hampered me a bit.  She did fill out her family, but not as quickly, which was surprising as she had the Wetnurse available.  The game ended with 30 points for her and 47 for me.

Until next time, happy gaming!


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