Risk Legacy: Game 14

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Andy – Enclave of the Bears, Siberia
Joe – Die Mechaniker, Venezuela
Louis – Mutants, Argentina
Ryan – Kahn Industries, New Guinea
Phil – Imperial Balkania, Central Africa

The Mutants were the world leader, so they started with three troops in the World Capital of Afghanistan.  Because of this, I decided to start in Siberia so I would have a chance to knock Louis out of the Capital before he could move into Russia for the Biohazard zone.  I was successful in this, and it provided me a four-resource territory card.

Joe moved into Brazil, and then Louis attacked Venezuela and took it from Joe.  Ryan spread out over Australia and Phil spread out a little in Africa.

On my next turn, I just spread a bit.  Joe attacked Louis in Venezuela, knocking him down to two troops in the area, but not taking the area.  Louis turned in his card and then spread into North America fortifying his position.  Ryan attacked me in Afghanistan, but didn’t do a ton of damage.  Phil followed that attack, but wasn’t able to wipe me out, but he was able to take over Africa.

I was forced to use my territory cards to reinforce – I was saving them for the mission, which was to turn in two 4+ cards.  I attacked Ryan and after losing three troops to single defenders I was able to take a territory for a card.

Joe poked at Louis again but didn’t take a territory.  This was a mistake, because Louis then turned around and attacked Joe in Brazil, and rolled very well.  Joe ended up knocked out, but not eliminated.

Ryan turned in some cards and picked up his continent bonus, and then proceeded to launch an attack.  He moved up through Asia and into North America.  He was able to hit Louis in Venezuela and take that HQ.  After that he was left with just enough to get through the Fallout territory and take Louis’ HQ in Argentina.  Ryan rolled perfectly and was successful.  His next mission was to get from Southeast Asia into Africa for Phil’s HQ.  He made it there with minimal losses, but then I interrupted things with my missiles.  I ended up spending three missiles in Phil’s defense, but I thought I had a chance and didn’t want the game to end quite yet.

After that craziness, Phil just reinforced his position and it was up to me.

I added my reinforcements to Afghanistan and started the attack.  I started by attacking from Siberia through China into South Asia.  I was able to take Ryan’s HQ.  I then Attacked from Afghanistan with the intent to get into South America.  I had forgotten that Louis had fortified Brazil, and I needed a bit more to get through there.  It took me three missiles taking it, and one of those missiles was negated by Joe’s.  After finishing it off there, I didn’t have enough to get into either of the HQs.

At this point the Riots event popped up.  The two HQs in South America each only had a single of Ryan’s troops and another of his troops was in Here there be Bears, Western US.  H managed to roll high enough to save the HQ in Argentina, but the HQ and troop in Venezuela and Western US were destroyed.

Ryan attacked Louis in North America and knocked him out.  Phil removed me from Africa, but not much more.  On my turn, I wanted to make sure Iceland and Yatusk were occupied so Louis would be eliminated.  I got carried away, though, and didn’t notice that Ryan had four cards already.  I dropped my troops in Iceland using my Stealthy ability.  I expanded into Yausk and then marched down from Iceland through Joe, eliminating him.  I tried to hit Ryan in Indonesia to remove his continent bonus, but lost terribly.

On Ryan’s turn, he turned in his four cards for a star and then reinforced Indonesia.  He attacked into Southeast Asia and I rolled terribly.  There was nothing I could do to stop the onslaught and next thing I knew, Ryan had taken my HQ for the win.

The standings going into the final game of the campaign:

Andy, Louis – 4 wins
Ryan – 3 wins
Joe – 2 wins
Phil – 1 win

Until next time, happy gaming!

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  1. 1 Phillip Wallace August 2, 2012 at 9:59 am

    I started in Central Africa

    • 2 Rkik August 2, 2012 at 1:07 pm

      That’s what that stupid territory is called. I knew it wasn’t South Africa, but I couldn’t, for the life of me, remember the name of the one just north of there.

      I’ll fix it.

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