Risk Legacy: Game 15

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Louis – Mutants, Northern Africa
Joe – Die Mechaniker, Ontario
Andy – Enclave of the Bear, Siberia
Ryan – Khan Industries, Iceland
Phil – Saharan Republic, New Guinea

Game Fifteen.  The naming of the world.  Who would it be?  To recap, the standings coming into this game had Louis and I tied with four wins each, Ryan next with three, Joe with two and Phil with one.  I was obviously trying to win myself, but no matter what I needed to prevent Louis from winning so I would at least have a chance for a dice roll to determine the overall winner.

Louis had the first turn and placement and placed his headquarters first in Northern Africa.  This was unusual, but he had a plan, which became evident quite quickly.  Joe placed next into Ontario, preventing me from taking either of my major cities.

Phil then took New Guinea, leaving Ryan to pick somewhere else.  He ended up going into Iceland with the intent to move into Greenland.  I was left with a choice between Central America and somewhere in Asia.  I decided Siberia would be the best option.

With the first turn, Louis quickly expanded from Northern Africa into the Contaminated Russia and then into Peru for the Fallout.  This quickly gave him the star for the mutant’s mission and made him a target.

Joe was up next and he moved his troops into Greenland, claiming a card because of his special power.  He only left a single troop defending his base, thinking everyone was too far away and that it was safe.  He had forgotten about the Stealthy Bears.

I dropped my three reinforcements into the Eastern US and attacked Ontario.  I was successful and used my Recon ability to spend a missile and claim a territory card worth three resources.  The next card off the deck, though, was Eastern Canada, which was worth 5 resources.  I figured I had no chance to get it, considering my position and Joe’s strength.

Ryan moved South from Iceland and attacked Louis’ base but didn’t do much, while Phil expanded through Australia and into Southeast Asia.

We were back to Louis and he decided to attack Ryan in Europe for a card.

Now it was Joe’s turn.  His troops in Greenland moved to attack me in Ontario, but the Bears proved incredibly resilient.  It took everything Joe had to take back his base, and by the time he was done, he didn’t have enough troops to expand into Eastern Canada to claim the card.

I dropped my reinforcements into the Eastern US again and attacked Joe.  I knocked him out of Ontario, which was enough to claim a card, but I wanted more.  I attacked Greenland with two troops and was successful in routing Joe, claiming his two cards.  Because my homeland was North America, I didn’t need to expand into Eastern Canada to claim that territory card.  This decision would come back to haunt me later.

The next card caused the Riots event to occur, and threatened to knock my out of my newly claimed territory.  I was the only one holding a major city, but I rolled well enough to quash the riots in Cybertron.

Ryan continued his assault on Louis, which I was glad of.  He wasn’t terribly successful, though, and left his base rather open.

Phil knew that I had enough resources to claim 30 troops and potentially open the last pack of cards.  For some reason, though, he was adamantly against that happening.  He attacked my HQ in Siberia (which I had basically ignored to this point) and I rolled terribly.  The Bears were defeated with very few casualties to the Saharans.  He didn’t have enough to knock me out of the game, but he left me extremely weakened.  After the attack, though, he pulled out of Siberia to better protect Southeast Asia.

At this point I figured the game was done.  Louis already had two points, and three of the HQs were only defended by a single troop.  The only saving grace was that Louis was just a bit too far away and didn’t quite have the forces needed.  He did turn in his cards, but it was only for two additional troops, placing them in Peru.  His first attack was from his HQ in Africa into Europe for Ryan’s base.  He rolled quite well, and with the mutants’ ability allowing their 6’s to win ties when attacking, his missiles were quite powerful.  Luckily, though, he didn’t have quite enough and didn’t quite reach Ryan’s HQ.

He then turned his attention on me, sending troops from Peru.  He marched up through the US and attacked Ontario.  He needed to roll near perfectly to take me out.  I had spent all but one of my missiles by this point and ended up losing Ontario.  It all came down to Greenland, and Phil and I were the only ones with missiles.  Louis had a single troop and won the initial roll.  I didn’t want to spend my missile as it would prevent me from opening the pack of cards, but at the same time, I wasn’t likely to survive if I didn’t.  I used my missile to raise my die to a 6, but then Phil used his only missile to make Louis’ a 6.  I had lost anyways.  My one remaining soldier rolled against Louis’ lone attacker, and won!  I had survived!

Now it was just a matter of surviving against Joe.

Because I had left Eastern Canada unoccupied, Joe was able to return to battle from there.  He only had three troops, and so I needed to survive two rolls.  We rolled the first time and I cam up with a 6.  One down.  I closed my eyes, rolled the die and hoped.

It was another 6!

I had done it!

I turned in my cards for a total of 33 troops, all starting in Greenland.  There wasn’t much left to do.  The bases were only defended by single troops, I took Joe’s base and then rolled through Ryan and Louis into Australia taking Phil’s base for the final point and the win.

The new world has been named New Gallifrey and for winning, Asia is now named Vizzini.

The game was a blast, and it was very fitting for the final game of the campaign to be a crazy, short, aggressive match like some of the earlier ones.  It was completely unexpected, but I had Joe’s number all night and managed to eek it out.  I was extremely worried after Phil’s attack and figured there was nothing I could do.  But in the end, the Bears’ luck prevailed.

Until next time, happy gaming!


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