Mantic Warpath Corporation Marines Review

With the new ally rules in Warhammer 40k 6th Edition, I’ve been tempted to use some Imperial Guard mostly to have a reason to use a Valkyrie flyer model in my army.  The issue with this is that I’m not too fond of the Games Workshop Imperial Guard models.  Mantic games to the rescue!

The Mantic Warpath Corporation models look cool and from pictures look much more “human” in scale compared to the hulking Space Marines of Games Workshop.  To check this out in person, I picked up two boxes of 20 Corporation Marines for about $50.

Upon opening the plastic clam shell box, I was greeted with two large bags full of parts and two sprues of bases.

Spreading the parts out, there are three sprues of heads with three heads on each, a sprue of three special weapons, nine bodies, nine right arms with rifles, and nine left arms.  There is also a small bag with a kneeling body, two heads, a pistol and power fist for the commander.

There are only three different heads for the majority of the squad.

The three special weapons:

The commander parts:

One marine completely assembled:

And a group shot of the nine standard marines:

Overall the quality of the models is pretty good.  There wasn’t a ton of flash, though some of it was in places that made it annoying to remove like in the inner leg, in the folds of cloth and along fingers.  A few of the guns were slightly warped, but not so much to be distracting.  The plastic they used is more of a resin than the plastic that Games Workshop uses.  It’s definitely similar to the stuff used by Privateer Press., meaning that super glue is a must for assembly.

The bigger issue is the lack of customization available.  There is a single spare head in the set, but it’s not significantly different that the other heads available. There are only just enough guns for a normal squad, and since the special weapons don’t come with arms, using them is difficult.  I would have liked to see the ability to put full helmeted head on every marine in a squad so that there wasn’t a case of every third guy looking like a clone.  Also, due to the lack of extra arms, changing any of the weapons to something different will be a challenge.

In review:

+ Cooler looking armor than Games Workshop Imperial Guard
+ 20 Corporation Marines for less than the price of 10 Games Workshop Imperial Guard
+ More realistic scale

– Fewer spare parts for customization
– Fewer options from the Mantic range in general at this time
– Non-Games Workshop product, so eligibility in some tournaments may be questioned

Until next time, happy gaming!

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