Weekend Gaming: Magic in Mempis

I was in Memphis for work this weekend, so I didn’t expect much for games.  As usual, though, I went searching for a game store to visit.  I found the Comic Cellar, and according to their website they were running some Magic: the Gathering Prerelease events for the new set.  Since I had nothing planned for Sunday, I called them up and registered.

I chose the Blue/White Azurius guild.  My deck had a bunch of annoying removal and counter spells.  I won my first match pretty easily.  The second match I played the eventual winner, and lost.  He asked if he could look over my deck and gave me some advice.  My next opponent dropped after pairings were announced, and it so happened that my last opponent’s opponent dropped as well.  So we both received Byes for the game, but we played again, and I did better but still lost.

I lost my fourth match as well to a fast green/white deck that had too many creatures/tokens for me to deal with.  He ended up taking second overall, so at least my losses were to high caliber opponents.  I ended up winning my last two matches with some nice plays.  In the last game of the fifth match, I countered my opponent’s first big creature and then Arrested his next one, and he never recovered.  The second game of the sixth match was very similar.  I didn’t have much in my opening hand, but I was able to Arrest his first threat, and then countered his next two.  I finally dropped my big flyer and started hitting.  It got close when he was able to make a big 8/8 token monster, but I had a big blocker available and then finished him off with my fliers.

I finished up with four wins and two losses (to the top two finishers), which was good enough for 8th place.  I did get a couple valuable cards from the packs, and sold them off since I don’t play all that often.  With the winnings, I picked up a copy of Android: Netrunner that I had been eyeing.

Overall it was a fun day and I was able to meet a bunch of great people.

Until next time, happy gaming!


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