Weekend Gaming: Netrunner and More

On Friday night, I taught Gina how to play Android: Netrunner.  She was running the Shaper runner deck and I was running Jinteki for the corp.  The first game went terribly for me.  I unluckily had four agendas in my opening hand even after a mulligan.  Luckily she didn’t run on my hand, but by some freak of luck, the top card of my deck was an agenda every time she ran on it, and I just couldn’t stop her.

The second game was going better for me, but eventually she was able to get into my deck and again got agendas right off the top.  In the third game, I was finally able to setup a reliable defense, and then when she ran on an agenda using her last click I was able to tag her.  Because she was tagged, I could us my Personal Defense Force agenda and flatlined her for the win.

On Saturday, Jaime, Joe, Kevin and Louis came over for games.  We started out with Dominant Species: The Card Game.  Jaime and I started off terribly.  I just couldn’t get anything going and each time I had the cards to get some points from the elements, I would get knocked out of contention.  Kevin picked up a bunch of points from Food-chain points and managed to lead the way in Survival points.  Gina was a close second, but without the Survival points she just wasn’t able to catch Kevin.

We finished up the night with Navegador.  I started the game with the intent to run a fast exploration strategy.  After Joe bought more ships on the first round, though, I realized that I wasn’t going to be able to keep up with him.  I decided to switch strategies to colonies, and positioned myself with enough workers to buy two each time.  I then followed Joe and Gina as the explored and bought up colonies along the way.  No one else seemed real interested in them, so I was able to pick up 16 of them by the end.

Louis was hitting the workers and then buying up Churches with maxed out privileges for them, so I was definitely worried about his score.  I was able to push my workers up to six and bought the last Church before Louis could.  The biggest help to my game was that Louis was making all of his money by processing Spice just before my action, which then allowed me to Produce spice for a massive payoff.  At one point I received 1000 cruzados for a single market action.

Eventually, I triggered the end of the game by buying up the last two factories rather than let the game continue a few more action before Joe or Gina were able to explore Nagasaki.  In the end, the 64 points from my Colonies was enough to get the win.  Louis was very close, after picking up 45 points for his Churches, and ending up about 15 points behind me.

Until next time, happy gaming!


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