Weekend Gaming: Exploring, Extinction and Estates

Ryan, Joe, Dana, Louis and Kevin joined us Saturday evening for some games.  The girls spent the early portion of the night chatting, so the rest of us played some Navegador.  I was going second and I wanted to try a heavy exploration strategy.  I spent my first action on buying two more boats, so I missed out on the early exploration  but I was able to position myself to get moving soon.

Kevin was sailing quickly as well, trying to get out of the sugar/gold areas and into more profitable spice regions.  Joe decided to hit the Privileges early, and spread his resources around a bit.  The sugar colonies were monopolized by Louis, while Ryan was focused on Factories.

Because of Kevin’s sailing, he and I were splitting the exploration duties.  I was able to get enough money to buy a Shipyard after picking up a cheap spice colony, so I was able to keep building boats cheaply.  This allowed me to keep the pressure on and race to Nagasaki to end the game.  I wasn’t fast enough, though, as Louis had managed to get quite a bit of cash from his sugar colonies and turned that into a few churches.  Those along with the corresponding privileges pushed him into the lead.  I took second with Kevin right behind.

Dana took off at that point, and Gina joined us for a game of Dominant Species: The Card Game.  I had a good position in the first round, and dueled with Ryan for the first survival point.  Sadly I failed to count his food chain bonuses correctly and didn’t play a card that would have bumped me into the lead.  I ended up only winning three points for elements, but that was it.  That trend would continue for me all game.

Kevin and Louis managed to pull away with the early lead, with Kevin getting the majority of the Survival points.  The last round came down to Kevin vs. Louis for food chain, and Gina messed things up for Kevin by playing a Solar Flare that ended the round before he was ready.  This handed Louis the round.  Following the final Survival bonus, Kevin and Louis were tied for the lead.  Kevin had more cards remaining, though, so he took the win.

It was getting late, so Ryan and Joe had to run.  Kevin and Louis stuck around, though, and we played a game of Castles of Burgundy.  We were all playing the started layouts, since Kevin and Louis hadn’t played before.  I started off focused on buildings and pigs.  I was able to pick up three pastures with pigs in the first round and jumped to an early lead.

That lead deteriorated quickly, though, as Gina was hitting the boats hard, and Kevin and Louis were both able to fill in some areas early.  Kevin was able to get the bonuses for filling in all of his Mines and Castles early.  I was close on both of those as well, and ended up in second.  I was trying to finish off all of my cities, but Louis snuck in and finished before I could, so ended up in second there as well.  I was in second for my animals, as well, but filled the big area with nothing but pigs for a big gain.  The only one I took first in was the knowledge.

At the end of the game, the only spots empty in my estate were the boats, and I had a bunch of end game bonuses that kept me ahead for the win.

Until next time, happy gaming!



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