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I played in a Warhammer 40k tournament on Saturday with my Wolves.  Sadly only five other people showed up, but we still played and had a good time.  There were two Codex Space Marines armies, Orks and Nids.



In the first game, I was matched up against my friend Nick and his Orks.  We were playing the Kill the Alien mission with Hammer and Anvil deployment.


I had managed to kill off a wagon, two trukks, his Warboss, the Mek and two squads of boys.  He had scared a squad of Wolf Guard away with a tank shock and they didn’t get a chance to regroup.  My Thunderwolves died to the nobs and both of my Lone Wolves survived.  I ended up winning by a couple points.

Next up, I was playing against the Tyranids going for 5 objectives with Dawn of War deployment.


He had two Trygons, genestealers and some Zoathorpes in reserves.  I made the mistake of moving my Thunderwolves too close to his Swarmlord, and they got assaulted on the first turn and slaughtered.  His Tervigon only managed to make 8 gaunts before tiring, and the rest of the game pretty much went my way with all of my missiles.  I was able to take down all of his big creatures except the Swarmlord.  Logan’s squad did their best against it in assault, but didn’t last long.  Logan had a valiant last stand, but failed the his last save on a reroll and perished.  By that point, though, the bugs didn’t have any troops left and I was able to secure three objectives to win.

Things were a little weird at this point.  Because of my victory points, I ended up with the bye for the last round.  I probably should have questioned it at that point, but I didn’t.  I did end up playing the tournament director and his Necrons in a smaller game.



It was my first attempt at playing Necrons and it was a wake-up call.  I was having a tough time keeping anything down, while my Thunderwolves just caved to the Tesla fire.  I also had an impossible time assaulting.  He had two squads of Deathmarks drop into my backfield and kill my Long Fangs.  I managed to assault one squad and kill most and get it running.  I couldn’t sweep because of my Terminator, so they ran and then regroup.

On the next turn, I tried to assault both squads, and only managed to roll 2’s or 3’s for my charges and came up short with three different squads.  It was pathetic.

At the end, I hadn’t finished off and Necron squads and he had killed 5 of mine.  It was an ugly game for me and my dice came up very short when I needed them most.

The tournament games finished up and the winners were announced.  After a little bit of confusion due to the way scores were tallied, I ended up in first with an undefeated record.  It was a little weird, but it was the director’s first tournament and some kinks needed to be worked out.  The games were a lot of fun, and everyone had a good time.  Nick’s Orks ended up winning Best Painted and the Tyranids took second.

Now here are the rest of the pictures from the day.  Until next time, happy gaming!




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