Weekend Gaming: Halloween Prep

Gina and I played some Agricola on Friday.  I had a good run to get the Wet Nurse going, so I had plenty of family members, but I ended up with very little for points.  I had a tough time filling my farm, and bonus points just weren’t there.  Gina did better filling her farm, and collecting points, but came up short in family members.  Because of this, she ended up two point short at the end.

After that, we played a few games of Netrunner.  She decided to try the corp this time.  The first game, I managed to get some early agendas from R&D since she wasn’t protecting it, but then that dried up.  I eventually ended up getting the last from her HQ.  The second game, she got me with a fairly well disguised June Bug for 6 damage.  I had my suspicious, but it was too juicy a target to pass up.  The last game, I was able to hit her money sources hard, so she could never get anything rolling.  She wasn’t protecting her hand, and in one turn I accessed the same card three times.  Eventually I got it going, and took the last agenda I needed from her hand.

On Saturday, we decided to forego games because we had pumpkins to carve.  My daughter picked out a Hello Kitty pattern.  My son carved the Batman Symbol with only a little help from me, and Gina got creative with an owl.

Until next time, happy gaming!


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