Weekend Gaming: Halloween Party

Nick and Laura came into to town for our Halloween party this weekend.  We managed to get a game of Dominant Species: the Card Game on Friday night followed by a game of Euchre that I played terribly in.

On Saturday, Nick, my son and I played Castle Panic and managed to squeak out a win with three towers remaining.  Then later that evening, Ryan, Louis, Phil and Dana joined us for the party.  Nick, Laura, Gina and I played another game of Dominant Species: the Card Game while waiting for the other to show up.  Once everyone arrived, we broke out A Touch of Evil.

We were fighting against the Scarecrow as teams of two.  I was paired with Dana.  Then there were Nick and Phil, Ryan and Laura, and Gina and Louis.  Things were going pretty smoothly for the heroes, with minimal strife.  There were some crows and locusts, but nothing too bad, surprisingly.  Eventually, Gina and Louis managed to get a Lair and make the initial attack.  They were successful in taking about half of the Scarecrow’s wounds, but fell short in the end.  Dana and I wanted to follow them in an attempt, but we couldn’t make it to the lair, and ended up about a turn behind.  It came down to Laura and Ryan.  Ryan had the heiress that could spend Investigation (money) instead of taking wounds, and he had plenty of Investigation.

Laura ended up falling to the villain, but Ryan had enough of a buffer to weather the attacks and slowly whittled the Scarecrow down and finish him off.

We followed that up with an epic game of Zombie Dice.  Phil managed to just get to 13 brains, and no one but Louis could come close.  They ended up tied and went on to a tiebreaker round.  Phil picked up two more brains before calling it.  Louis was able to match the two with only a single shotgun blast, and decided to keep playing.  His next roll came up with two more blasts and his brains were eliminated, leaving Phil the winner.

Then it was time for Gimme the Brain.  It went around a few times, and I spent my time mostly unable to bid because Dana kept playing “Someone loses an eye” on me.  Phil, Laura and Ryan came close, but it was Gina that managed to finish her jobs first for the win.

The last game of the night with the full group was Monty Python Fluxx.  Things were rather silly at the start with both singing and outrageous accents.  I forced things to settle down a bit, discarding most of the rules, and Ryan was able to drop Sir Gallahad while Phil had the Holy Grail and the goal was the Grail Shaped Beacon.

The very last game of the night was Castles of Burgundy with Gina, Nick and I.  It was mostly uneventful, but was a close one.  I finished with 204, Nick had 193 and Gina was at 180.

All in all, it was a great weekend with lots of great games.

Until next time, happy gaming!


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