Weekend Gaming: Trains to Hawaii

This last Saturday, we were joined by Joe, Jaime, Kevin and Louis for some games.  I had been itching for some Railways of the World, so out came Railways of Western U.S.  Jaime sat out this game, so it was just the five of us.

The opening round of cards included four hotels (Denver, San Francisco, Tuscon and Oklahoma City) and only one service bounty for the city south of Oklahoma City.  The opening bidding was pretty low, and I won it, taking Hotel Denver.  Kevin grabbed Hotel San Fran, and Louis took Hotel Oklahoma City.  Gina and Joe passed on hotels in favor of building.

I was focused on the area around Denver since there were a bunch of red cubes in the upper midwest that I could ship to Denver.  It took me a couple turns to get things in place, but I was eventually making regular five point deliveries.

Gina was shipping into and around San Fran, which provided Kevin some points.  She also managed to complete the route from San Fran to Promontory.  Kevin was working in the upper west coast and built from Tacoma to Ogden.  Joe had the lower west locked up and ended up picking up the Tuscon hotel, a service bounty to Tuscon and  the bonus for having the first level 4 train.

Louis was alone in the lower midwest and making the most of his hotel.  He managed to get the original service bounty as well.  Eventually he exhausted his shipments and started building near Salt Lake City, which seemed odd.  Everything became clear, though, when he completed two major lines from Promontory to Kansas City and Grand Junction to Oklahoma City.  This managed to provide the final points to ensure the win.

Me – Grey, Kevin – Yellow, Louis – Red, Gina – Green, Joe – Blue

The entire game was very close throughout.  It was rare that we’d end a round with more than 5-6 points separating first and last place on the score track.  In the end it came down to Louis having one more point than Kevin and tying for the fewest bonds, which gave Louis the points for his baron.


Following that, Joe sat out so Jaime could play Hawaii with us.  Boats ended up being pretty cheap, so I grabbed a bunch of upgraded boats and the god that allowed me to get anywhere on the island for one foot.  Louis grabbed a couple boats as well and the god that gave bonus points for boats and surfers.

Jaime was focusing on Tikis and Kahunas, maximizing both for an island full of tiny villages.  Kevin hit the spears hard while picking up the end of round bonuses three out of the five rounds.  Gina and Louis were more rounded in their games, while I was focusing solely on the islands.

I was able to pick up a bunch of points with the islands, but I couldn’t quite catch Kevin in the end.  The final end of round bonus ended up being the difference maker.  Since everything on the island tended to be quite cheap there was a lot of upgraded stuff being bought, which meant that the end of round scores were pretty low.  Kevin was focusing more on maximizing the spears, so he was in a better position to capitalize each turn.

Me – Green, Jaime – Red, Kevin – Yellow, Louis – Blue, Gina – Black

Until next time, happy gaming!


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