Weekend Gaming: Winter is Coming

pic1077906_tNick and Laura were in town this weekend and on Saturday Louis and Kevin joined us to play Game of Thrones.  It was only the second time Gina and I had played, and Nick and Laura had never played, so after a short rules explanation we were off.  I was playing as the Lanisters, Kevin the Tyrells, Louis as House Martell, Gina as House Baratheon, Nick as House Greyjoy and Laura as House Stark.

Nick and I spent the early part of the game dueling over the water around the Greyjoy home and the castle of Seaguard.  Laura was getting settled in the North, while Gina tried to move north.  She left her home undefended, though and Louis swept in and nearly eliminated her.  Kevin was the only one keeping Louis from winning, and once Louis had spread himself out, Kevin was able to retake most of the south.

By about turn 8, I had given up on fighting Nick, as he held the sword and I was losing all ties, making it very difficult to get anything done.  Once Nick took Seaguard back, he was able to focus more on spreading north through the water and pestered Laura.  He took Winterfell and that was basically the end of it.  The game ended on turns and Nick held the most castles, with Kevin and I not too far behind.

I forgot to get pictures of the game, but it was quite fun.  Definitely an improvement over the first time we played it with a bunch of incorrect rules.

Until next time, happy gaming!

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  1. 1 ianthecool December 4, 2012 at 8:15 pm

    We have yet to play a full 6 player game, but I really want to.

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