Weekend Gaming: The Hobbit and More

PC147285-1024Busy weekend.  In gaming, my wife and I played Agricola Friday night.  I had the Tutor occupation and the Writing Desk improve mt allowing me to play out all of my occupations.  I had a bunch of points on my improvements as well.  I ended up taking a couple Beggar cards early in order to advance my game rather than feed my family.  I ended up with a nice 6 room stone house, a full family and a large pasture covering the rest of my farm.  Gina was pushing heavily into fields of grain, and then ended up with a little of everything in scoring.  It was by far her best game and she finished with 46 points.  My bonus points were just enough, though, to edge her out as I finished with 48.


Then on Saturday, my son and I build the LEGO Hobbit Bag End kit.  It’s a lovely kit and was a lot of fun to build.  My wife and I then had a nice afternoon movie and dinner date going to watch The Hobbit.  It was a wonderful movie, and I would highly recommend it.

PC157288-1024We finished up Saturday with Louis, Joe, Ryan, Kevin and Jaime joining us for games.  Ryan, Louis, Kevin and I started the night with Castles of Burgundy.  I was trying to fill my large city area with Churches and Markets after getting the knowledge allowing multiple copies of the same building.  I was successful in that, but Ryan snagged two of the bonus point knowledges before I could.  Kevin was completing a bunch of small areas early in the game and jumped to an early lead.  He never relented that lead, using animals, shipments and area completions to rack up points.  By the time we finished, Kevin had 100 points on all of us for a massive win.

Joe, Gina and Jaime had played 7 Wonders in the meantime, finishing with a 52-52 tie between Gina and Joe, with Jaime coming in second with 51.

PC157292-1024We finished up with Gina, Joe, Kevin, Louis and I playing Navegador.  I was trying to push a heavy factory strategy, but I got a bit distracted with privileges and a couple early churches to really get it going.  The others were all playing pretty balanced too, so there weren’t any goods being mass produced.  Kevin was focusing on exploring and colonies, but Gina and Joe were the ones pushing to Nagasaki.  Joe forced the end of the game before pretty much anyone other than Kevin was ready.


The game finished with Kevin in the lead, followed by Louis, myself, Gina and Joe.


Until next time, happy gaming!



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