Weekend Gaming: Men’s Night

Lords of Waterdeep

The wives were all out of town this weekend for a shopping trip.  So Saturday night was just Ryan, Kevin, Louis and myself.  The night started out with Lords of Waterdeep.  Louis and Kevin got out to a quick lead with some big quests, while I was struggling to find quests that would appease my lord.  Ryan was lagging behind, but just biding his time.

Early on, I managed to complete a quest that would give me bonus points for playing Intrigue cards, which I then tried to maximize.  Eventually some Skulduggery quests starte

Lords of Waterdeep

Eminent Domain was the second and final game of the night.  I wanted to get into the Produce/Trade side of things, but it was pretty slow going.  Louis was doing it a bit more efficiently, early on, but I had a couple good turns toward the end where I was able to catch up.  Ryan was pushing a Research game, but had one hiccup with the wrong king of planet that slowed him down.  Kevin was pushing the military hard, but wasn’t surveying a ton of planets.  The final score ended up being very close.  Kevin had 18 from his planets and Ryan had 20 from planets and research.  Louis and I had nearly identical boards, but I had one more Influence chip and one of my planets was worth a point more.  He finished with 20 and I had 22 for the lead.d showing up, and I was able to complete a bunch and sneak into the lead.  Ryan was positioning himself for a huge quest turn-in, but Louis ended up getting in the way.  At the end, my Lord gave me just enough to edge out Kevin for first place, followed up by Ryan and Louis.

Eminent Domain

Until next time, happy gaming!


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