Weekend Gaming: Glen More

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAAnother week, another new game.  Glen More was one I had received last week and was eager to get it on the table.  Kevin was running late, so we started it up with Phil, Louis, Joe, Gina and I.  I ended up with a decent number of Chieftans, and a bunch of special tiles including Loch Ness and Loch Oich.  Joe was maximizing his Annual Fair, while Gina and Phil had a variety of things going on.  Louis took the game, though with whiskey.  He was able to get a distillery early and went to town making whiskey.  Later in the game he was able to transform that whiskey into a couple of taverns for continuous points.


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAAfter that, we broke into two groups for a couple of three player games.  Joe, Louis and I played Hansa Teutonica, while Gina, Kevin and Phil played Agricola.  In Hansa, I was focusing on the library privilege to and getting in the way of Louis and Joe.  Louis was hitting the actions hard, and was able to get a nice system going in the southwest.  Joe was all over the board establishing offices.  I was able to complete the major route for a 7 point bonus and then get two of my workers into the bonus point spaces for another 15.  The game was close to the very end.  Louis forced the game to end before Joe was ready and we all ended up within three points of each other, with myself in first place.


After those finished up, Louis took off and the rest of us played a game of Navegador.  I keep wanting to do a fast exploration strategy, but never get it working.  Instead, I ended up investing heavily in colonies.  No one else had more than a couple, so I was able to snatch them up relatively cheaply.  I was able to do a fair bit of exploring, and I was the one to finish the game by exploring Nagasaki.  Kevin spent the game building shipyards, but didn’t really use them except for on nearly the last turn when he built all of his ships for points.  Joe had a bunch of factories, Phil had churches, and Gina had factories, colonies and some exploration.  In the final scoring, I had a ton from my 11 colonies, and some from my exploration.  Kevin’s shipyards and ships, though put him into a tie with me, though.  Since I had just used the Navegador tile a few turns earlier, the win ended up going to Kevin.


Until next time, happy gaming.



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