Weekend Gaming: Pollution, Building and Terraforming


As it turns out, our Saturday night of games had a nice world-shaping theme to it.  Kevin, Joe, Louis, Gina and I started the night off with CO2.

Things started off well enough.  Everyone was proposing projects, Joe was installing projects for people, but money was a bit tight. There were a couple plant built in the second round, but by the third round, there were a bunch of uninstalled projects and a few of us didn’t have the necessary expertise to construct plants with the projects that were installed.  We finished round three with only 70 PPM before the game ended, and we received 80 PPM worth of bad power plants, thus ending the game in a collective failure.



The next game up was the similar themed Ginkopolis.  I had a good mix of urbanization and construction bonuses, but I was having a tough time getting building tiles I could use.  There was a lot of urbanization going on, especially with Joe taking full advantage of a bunch of urbanization bonuses.  It was Kevin that ended up winning, though.  He able to take control of large blue and red districts and had a good number of bonus cards.  Gina was a close second, though, as she had been picking up points all game, but just didn’t quite have enough from the district scoring.



OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAJoe, Kevin and I finished the night with Terra Mystica.  Joe was playing as the Dwarves, Kevin as the Chaos Magicians and I had the Auren.  We started the game pretty spread out, which was a bit surprising. Joe and I went straight for our strongholds, while Kevin decided to head for a temple instead.

I was able to use my stronghold power to really take advantage of the end of game cult bonuses, scoring one every round for the first time ever.  This really helped me as I was also able to maximize my power to built the cult tracks.

Joe was building all over his area of the map, but he was struggling a bit for resources, slowing him down.  Kevin, on the other hand, had plenty or resources and was building temples to get cult favor.  His issue, though, was he was somewhat trapped in his corner and unable to efficiently expand.  Kevin and I battled over the cult tracks, but in the end I was able to build two towns and get to level 10 in the Water and Air cults.  Kevin took the Fire cult and we tied at nine for the Earth cult.

In the final empire scoring, I had managed to fully upgrade my boats, so I scored the largest empire, finally catching Joe, who had been scoring points all game.



Until next time, happy gaming!


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