Weekend Gaming: Away from Home



We spent the weekend visiting family, but we did bring some games along.  Gina and I played a couple games of Cribbage and a round of Terra Mystica Friday.  I managed to take all three games.  Cribbage took some excellent luck with the cribs, and Terra Mystica was a close game with the witches triumphing over the mermaids.

We both built a bunch of dwellings early, taking advantage of the bonuses.  The cult bonuses all required four power, so they were pretty much ignored.  I had a slightly better position for my towns, and with an early temple and sanctuary, I was able to grab the favor that made it so towns only required six power worth of buildings.  That really helped, and I was able to get three towns completed.

Gina did get the largest empire bonus, but I had most of the cult track bonuses and came away with the win.

Terra Mystica


Saturday evening we joined Nick for a game of Trajan.  I had went for the crafting tiles, but didn’t really play it all that well.  I did get quite a few Trajan tiles, while Nick and Gina got most of the bonus tiles.  Gina and Nick also did most of the work in the legionnaire area.  In the end, Nick’s cards and bonuses were just too much to overcome, and he beat me by three points.


Until next time, happy gaming!



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