Weekend Gaming: Village

The only gaming had this weekend was a game of Village with Joe Sunday night.  Joe was heavily invested in the travelling, while Gina and I were sending people to Church.  I had also pushed a guy to the top of the council chamber and managed to convert at least a few coins to points.

Joe ended the game before I was prepared, and so I was stuck with a bunch of unused resources.  Gina had managed to snag a couple of six point market tiles, while provided the points she needed to take first.




Along with that, I also actually did some painting this weekend.  A bunch of my paints have dried up, but most are still good.  I had picked up a Trollbloods starter thanks to the Warmachine Kickstarter, so I was excited to paint them just for fun.  Here is the work in progress Impaler that I starter on.



Until next time, happy gaming!


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