Weekend Gaming: Navegador and Terra Mystica

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAWe kicked off Saturday with Louis, Kevin, Joe and a game of Navegador.

Louis and Kevin were both sailing pretty regularly.  Gina was picking up Gold factories, while Joe was sailing behind and buying up a bunch of gold and sugar colonies early.

I decided to ignore sailing altogether and went straight for factories, picking up a couple sugar early.  There wasn’t a ton of colonies out early, so I wasn’t making a ton of money, but it was enough to get me a few workers and eventually setup to start buying churches.

By this point, Joe had started making a ton of money with his colonies and was buying shipyards and ships to make a push to Nagasaki.  Kevin, Louis and Gina were trading off sailing through the Indian Ocean.  With my workers I was able to buy multiple buildings and had the prestige to maximize points for both Churches and Factories.

In the end, the couple points gained from putting my king’s prestige in shipyards was enough to knock off Joe and his colonies.


We followed that with a game of Terra Mystica.  Louis played the Mermaids, Kevin the Chaos Magicians, Gina as the Witches, Joe the Engineers and I had the Cultists.

I started off right in the midst of everyone and quickly progressed to a Temple and used the power for a spade and the spade from my scroll ability to setup a nice little area in the center.  People were taking power, allowing me to bump myself up the cult tracks a bit, positioning myself for the bonuses (primarily the spade bonuses on the 3rd and 6th rounds.

The 4th round provided a bonus for building a town, and everyone except Louis took advantage.  Gina managed to get two early, while I had set myself up for one with a Sanctuary.  This ended up comboing into a second town, because I took the favor that made it so I only needed 6 power worth of buildings for a town.  This turned my buildings on the right hand side of the board into a town and allowed me to sneak past Kevin into the top spot on the Water and Fire cults.

I figured I was done with towns at this point, but I realized that the upper right corner was available and only required a boat.  I sailed across and got to work, while also working up the Air cult.  With the help of some digs from the cult rewards, I was able to secure four buildings and finally built my Stronghold for a third town and the top spot in the Air cult.  Kevin had been right with me, but couldn’t get the second town.

Gina and Louis had tied for the largest empire, with Kevin taking third.  I had first place in three of the cults, and Kevin controlled the Earth cult and had second in the rest.  Gina had a strong showing with her Witches, but the Cultists and the three towns couldn’t be topped.


Until next time, happy gaming!

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  1. 1 Picture-Bandit August 27, 2013 at 6:33 pm

    that looks utterly complex… how long is the set-up time you recon?

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