Weekend Gaming: Trains and Dragons

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERALouis, Joe and Kevin joined us Saturday for games and Railways of the Western US was the first to hit the table.  My baron rewarded connections into Portland, so I was destined to play in that area.  Luckily, there were a few good deliveries there, and then a connection from San Francisco to Sacramento was able to provide the third good for a quick three bonus points.

Louis picked up the Hotel Denver early, but there was a distinct lack of good deliveries in that area for once.  Kevin had a Service bounty to Tuscon, while Gina had a service bounty to Bismarck.  Joe was left to play in the lower mid-west, capitalizing on a service bounty to Fort Worth a few turns later.

Surprisingly, I was left alone on the west coast, and was able to connect Los Angeles to Tacoma relatively easily.  I was also able to upgrade my train as far as level 6, and was consistently making deliveries up and down the coast.  Gina also managed to get a well upgraded train and was delivering all over the upper midwest from Fargo to Denver.

A last turn service bounty to Reno boosted my score a little, but even without it, my lack of debt and strong showing was enough to edge out Gina for first place.  She just missed out on having the most money at the end, putting her in second.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAWe followed that up with a quick game of Ginkopolis.  I was pushing hard on the construction, but I didn’t have a good source of tiles, so I was forced to exploit every now and then.  Joe and Kevin were urbanizing like crazy, and we ended up with quite the sprawling metropolis.

In final scoring, Joe and I each had a bunch of bonus points, while Joe also had a share in a bunch of the districts.  I only controlled one, but it was a big one.  We ended up tying for final points, sharing the victory.

The last game of the night was Lords of Waterdeep.  Joe got out to a quick lead with a couple big quests, with Gina and Kevin quickly following.  I was picking up quests and trying to set myself up for a run, but I was looking for Wizards and the available supply was weak.  Once I started getting them, I was quickly hit with a couple intrigue cards, severely hampering my ability to complete quests.  By the last turn, there was not way I could catch up, and I was just hoping to complete one last quest when Louis hit me with a mandatory quest, adding insult to injury.

Joe ended up running away with the game, helped by a Lord that provided a bonus for seven of his eight completed quests.  Louis had pulled up close, but ended up in third behind Joe and Kevin.


Until next time, happy gaming!


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