Weekend Gaming: Adventures in Europe

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERALouis, Kevin and Joe joined me in playing Railways of Europe Saturday evening.  My baron gave bonus points for connections to Spanish cities, so I started the game with the intent to work that area.

The Madrid to Milan major line was an easy way to get some starter income, plus it provided a number of cubes to deliver.  I wasn’t able to get the first 3-link delivery, though, and that ended up going to Louis.  They were all over the center of the map, and everyone had decently upgraded trains with large deliveries.  Joe had connected in the Russian areas, while Louis managed to connect Paris to Constantinople for the bonus.

Things were very close throughout, and everyone was sitting with 10 or 11 bonds.  I had run out of good deliveries by the end, and was reduced to two point deliveries on the last turn.  While I had the most points from my baron, it wasn’t enough to overcome their leads.  Louis’ deliveries set him apart, and he ended up taking the win.

We followed that up with Lords of Waterdeep.  Louis and Kevin jumped out to big leads with a couple nice quests, so I hit Kevin with his second mandatory quest.  I had intended to give Louis one as well, but ran out of actions in the Harbor to make it worthwhile.

I had one 25 point quest available, but it required nine warriors to complete.  I did managed to complete another quest that provided me with six of the warriors and was able to get another two on the last round.  That last warrior eluded me, though, and I was never able to complete the quest.

Louis’s quests all satisfied his Lord, and because of the mandatory quests slowing Kevin down, Louis was able to take off with the win.



OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAWe finished the night with CO2.  The game started with 210 PPM of CO2, so we got to constructing clean plants right away.  I was focused on Biodiesel and Recycling mostly, though I did manage to construct a couple Solar plants that Joe so kindling proposed and installed.

I had completely forgotten about the UN goals until Kevin mentioned them, so I missed out on opportunities to get them early, but I was able to grab the two that I qualified for.  Had I been thinking about them, I would have worked harder to construct a Nuclear plant to satisfy a few more goals.

We were progressing quite well, with Oceania and Africa nearly completely developed.  We had stemmed the growth of CO2, and it was looking good that we could finish the game a turn early.  Looking at the scores, I was doing well, so I decided that building the solar plant in Africa to drop the CO2 level and end the game was the best course.  I hadn’t taken into account the shear number of CEP tokens that were available in the countries that Kevin controlled, though.  He scored about 28 points from those alone, rocketing him into first place.

We did manage to play the game slightly wrong, forgetting to pay CEP’s for the “dirty” power plants each turn.  Just one of the issues with a complex game that doesn’t get played often enough.



Until next time, happy gaming!


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