Weekend Gaming: Clash of Cultures

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAGina and I played the short version of Clash of Cultures Friday night.  Neither of us played much for the military side of thing.  I went straight for the Democracy upgrades, building up my coastal city.  Gina was working more in the Economics advances, spreading all over.  I managed to build the Lighthouse wonder late in the game adding to my winning score.

We followed that up with some Love Letter; Gina winning one out of three.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERASaturday night, Louis, Joe and Kevin joined me for another game of Clash of Cultures.  I had initially thought to upgrade my boats to spread out, but never really progressed with that until the very end.  Instead I ended up trying to pick up Democracy and Economic Liberties again.  I was doing alright, but Joe was my closest opponent and I ended up putting a bunch of barbarians near his cities.  This kind of forced him into a more military strategy than he was originally planning.  He slowly made his way towards me and ended up threatening my capital at the end up a round.

I managed to convince Kevin to let me go first so I could try to build a defense, but it wasn’t enough.  Joe sacked my town and I was left with a single colony near Kevin with a couple settlers.

While all of this is going on, Louis is slaughtering barbarians over near Joe, and Kevin has a small civilization building in his corner.  I did manage to recover somewhat, and Louis and I converge on Kevin as he’s preparing to build the Lighthouse wonder.  Kevin succeeds in building the wonder and defending it, but we had left Joe alone.  He proceeded to build up his cities uncontested, which lead to a relatively easy win.

Overall a fun game, but I really need to learn to defend my cities better.



Until next time, happy gaming!


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