Weekend Gaming: Halloween Party

This weekend, Nick and Laura were in town visiting for our annual Halloween Party.  Friday night we played Dominion, The Manhattan Project and Lords of Waterdeep with them.

Dominion was fun to get to the table again.  I thought I had a plan for the random set of cards, but it never really worked out.  I ended up getting beat badly.


I redeemed myself in The Manhattan Project, though.  I was able to grab two Universities early, and then set myself up for some nice Plutonium gains.  After I had tested one bomb and built a second, Nick and Laura tried to bomb me into submission, but didn’t do quite enough to stop my engine.  I grabbed the last Plutonium needed and finished off my third bomb for the win.


We finished the night with Lords of Waterdeep.  I was doing well early, completing a couple big Commerce quests.  I thought I had things locked up, until Laura hit me with a mandatory quest slowing me down just enough.  Nick managed to pick up just enough to finally complete his 25 point quest, launching him into the lead at the end.



Then, Saturday night the real festivities took place.  Things were so busy, I completely forgot to get any pictures.  Joe, Jaime, Ryan, Laurel, and Louis all joined us and we started things off with The Restance with Gina, Nick, Ryan, Laurel, Louis and I.  Nick and I were spies and we played it pretty much perfectly.  Nick lulled them in with the first quest, and then after plenty of deliberation about who the spies were, I was able to finish the Resistance off in the fifth mission.  The  second game added Laura and Joe to the mix.  Laura, Joe and I were the spies and we screwed up royally, with all three of us selected for the third mission and contributing “Falied” cards.  The Resistance knew what was up at that point, and the spies couldn’t recover.

We followed that up with Dixit.  Since we had so many people, we ended up playing as teams.  I was paired with Ryan, and it was obvious from the start that we were terrible storytellers.  Luckily we were decent at guessing the right picture and submitting pictures that others thought was the right one.  We managed to stay competitive, but finished a couple points short, losing to the team of Joe and Laura.

Ryan and Laurel took off at that point, so the rest of us played Shadows over Camelot.  I was doubting Joe’s loyalty early, while the deck was coming up with a ton of Excalibur cards, failing that quest quickly.  Gina and I made a lat of headway towards the Holy Grail, while Nick went out to win glory in a tournament bout.  Louis and Joe were also helping by beating up on some Saxons.  Jaime had planned to help with Excalibur, but didn’t get there in time and instead was needed to use her ability to defeat siege engines.  Things were looking pretty good for us, though the siege engines were piling up.  No one was an obvious traitor, though Joe was a favorite target of suspicion.  After whittling down the number of siege engines and finishing the Grail quest, we were only two swords away from winning.  Gina completed a tournament bout, and the Lancelot quest failed, providing us the last two swords and the victory for everyone., as there were no traitors.

Joe and Jaime had to go and Gina was tired, so Nick, Laura, Louis and I finished the night of with Dominion.  It ended up being a very expensive, but money heavy game.  We had to get to six coin to really get things rolling.  Laura and Louis had trouble, while I was able to work a Loan and Moneylender into Hoards and eventually a Bank.  Once I was able to rid myself of some copper, I was able to get into the Grand Markets and then things really took off.  Nick was doing well too with a bigger focus on Platinum.  We were matching each other pretty evenly with Provinces and Colonies, but I had the last action, picking up a Province and the last Estate.  I took the victory by about 8 points over Nick.

Until next time, happy gaming!


2 Responses to “Weekend Gaming: Halloween Party”

  1. 1 Daniel Green November 4, 2013 at 10:38 am

    Manhattan Project fascinates me. In most every other Worker Placement, the answer to “how do I get to take that action I need?” is to take the “First Player” action. However, this game doesn’t have that, and due to the Espionage feature, the timing of picking up your workers, especially in a 3+ player game, is totally different and I’m still having a hard time grasping it. Last game we played, I had several turns where I agonized over picking up or taking worthless stalling actions to see if I could make other players pick up first to prevent myself from being Espionaged.

    After a few games base, though, I’m ready to mix in the Hydrogen bombs from the 2nd Stage Expansion. It seems to me like adding the extra method of getting points is really helpful for 4 player games, giving players another chance to find a niche in the game so they don’t have to compete as much for game strategies.

    • 2 Rkik November 4, 2013 at 12:23 pm

      Yeah, it is a neat dynamic. We also played the retrieve action wrong the first time, so that changed things up this time.
      The expansion sounds interesting. Another type of bomb would be nice.

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