Weekend Gaming: Family Clash

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAGina was out for a “girl’s night” Friday, so Joe and Louis joined me for a games.  We started things off with Clash of Cultures.  No one was being terribly militaristic, so we were pretty much free to develop as we wanted.  My starting objective was to get all four Economics advances, so I pushed for taxation quickly.  I had a bunch of small settlements in a clump while I also developed towards Nationalism to get mood tokens for building armies.  This didn’t quite work as I planned, and I ended up with a bigger focus in the Education group.  Louis was nearly completely walled off with water, but started pushing armies toward Joe, defeating barbarians along the way.  Joe and I both managed to build Wonders, but it was Louis who ended up winning.  He had a ton of medium sized cities, a bunch of advances to go along with a full set of completed objectives.


Louis had to take off, so Joe and I broke out The Manhattan Project.  Joe decided to airstrike my stuff early and often, so I countered by spying heavily.  I rarely allowed him access to his buildings and he had the best access to the limited selection of mines.  I was able to get two uranium bombs with an early bomb design, and then built one quickly.  By then, things were shaping up well for my game, while Joe was just starting to get his plutonium production rolling.  Joe was able to get a small bomb built and then tested, and finished building his second a few turns after I had my second.  By then, though, I had another uranium bomb in the works and Joe couldn’t slow me enough.  I was able to build it and then it just took another couple turns to gather the resources to load it for the last five points and the win.


Gina was home by then, so we played a quick game of Dominion with no expansions.  When I bought a Chapel early, they knew what I was up to, and tried to quickly end the game.  I was able to get my engine rolling, though, with Villages, Markets, a Council Room and a couple gold.  By then I was able to play the entirety of my minuscule deck for 11 coin each turn and proceeded to pick up a Province and Cellar each turn.  The Cellars kept things working smoothly, and I was able to quickly rack up the Providences.  Even with that, things were close.  Joe and Gina had an early start, buying Duchies and Provinces along with me.  I did end up winning, with 36, beating their 34 and 33.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThen Saturday night, Joe and Phil joined us for another game of Clash of Cultures.  Again it was a fairly peaceful game.  I went straight for Economic Liberty and a size 5 city.  Joe was headed for a heavily Trade focused strategy with boating, and Phil was pushing for Taxation.  Gina was a little less focused, but did build a bunch of temples and Theocracy advances.  Phil and Gina switched gears part way and started building armies to go after Joe for some reason.  I had built some fortresses to dissuade Gina from attacking me, and it seemed to work.  Joe ended up with a single city, but was still able to pull in a ton of resources with Trade Routes and Cartography.  He somehow managed to build three wonders in his single city before we realized that wasn’t legal by the rules.  While this was going on, I had two wonders built in my two major cities, with enough armies to defend them for once.  Phil ended the game on my doorstep, but decided against trying for the attack.  The win was mine, with a solid 46 points.


The final game of the weekend was Dixit with my family after an early Thanksgiving’s day celebration.  I had been trying to get them to play for ages, and we finally had the chance.  Everyone loved it, and my mother already is asking for more new picture cards.

Until next time, happy gaming!

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  1. 1 Daniel Green November 12, 2013 at 7:08 pm

    You’ve posted about Clash of Cultures several times now – I hadn’t heard about it until I started reading your blog, and now I just had the shop order a copy in anticipation of the Black Friday sale. This game looks so up my alley – thanks for cluing me in to it!

    • 2 Rkik November 12, 2013 at 7:35 pm

      It really is a lot of fun. Not as complex as some civilization games, but still very deep. And the combat is some of the best ever. You will definitely enjoy it.

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