Weekend Gaming: Village and More


With Gina sitting the night out, and Phil and Louis out of town, it was up to Kevin, Joe and I to play games Saturday.  We kicked things off with a quick game of Village.  I decided to go straight for the market, spending my time in the crafting area building stuff to sell.  Joe was working in the Council House and Kevin was travelling.  I spent a lot of time, and ended up with five family members in the book, and one in the  unmarked graves.  This was all done in the crafting house and I was able to pick up 46 points worth of sales.  Joe tried to jump in and interrupt my game, but I had things timed well and with Kevin going first most of the game I was always able to score the high point sales before Joe could.  I ended up winning with 62.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERANext up was The Manhattan Project.  There were a ton of universities available in the market, so extra workers weren’t much of a problem.  Yellow cake was tougher to get, though, with Joe and I having the best sources.  There was a fair bit of espionage because of that.  The bombs available early, were mostly plutonium, but I did get my hands on the two low point uranium bombs and was able to build and load them rather early.  Joe had a medium plutonium bomb and Kevin had tested a bomb by this point.  I was setting up for another small bomb and managed to build that about the time Kevin had built his big plutonium bomb.  I was 13 points away, and Kevin was pretty well setup to get his second big bomb built to win on his next action, but he had to recall first.  When he recalled, I was able to use my spy to get into his plutonium plant to get the four that I needed to build and subsequently load a bomb for 14 points and the victory.


We followed that with Spyrium.  I was pushing for residences and the blue tokens early, but I didn’t have much going in my tableau.  Kevin was mining a bunch, wasn’t scoring many points, while Joe was setup with factories.  Eventually I was able to get a bunch of points with a factory and university.  It wasn’t quite enough, though.  Kevin had started scoring points with a factory, and while I managed to grab a nice mansion in the last round, I still ended up a point shy of Kevin at the end.


We finished the night with Eminent Domain.  We were all pushing for colonies, so grabbing planets was critical.  I surveyed early and often, which provided two prestige planets and two planets with colonize bonuses.  I was also able to score a few nice research cards with the help of Joe’s research actions.  Kevin was trying to get a production and trading engine going, but the research and colonize cards were disappearing too quickly.  Joe had a bunch of planets as well, but hadn’t been able to colonize them.  I won the game with a score of 31.


Until next time, happy gaming!


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