Weekend Gaming: Nukes!

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAJoe, Kevin and Louis joined us for games on Saturday and we kicked things off with CO2.  We played things pretty cleanly this time, and the game started off with a relatively low CO2 level.  We quickly built three power plants in Europe, swapping control three times in one turn.  I had used the project that Kevin installed and would continue to do so more throughout the night.  I was trying to build one of each different type of plant for my corporate goal.  In turn three, we were getting pretty close to going over the limit, so Joe convinced me to install a bio-diesel project so he could construct it to bring the CO2 levels down.

I had managed to build bio-diesel, solar and recycling plants, but forestry and nuclear had eluded me.  I had the expertise for nuclear, but Joe and I were playing chicken as to who would install the first project.  No one else wanted to help, so neither of us managed to build the nuclear plant needed for the UN goals.  Instead, I built another plant in Europe using Kevin’s project.  This gave me control, and access to a bunch of carbon credits.  I also managed to bump the price of CEPs up a notch.  This was the deciding factor, as Gina and I both finished at 91 points with the help of selling our credits, beating Joe by two points.  I had constructed the most power plants, giving me the tie-breaker.


Gina headed to bed, and Louis took off, so Joe, Kevin and I switched to the other side of the energy spectrum with The Manhattan Project.  Joe immediately went for the espionage action, forcing Kevin and I to work to keep him out.  We were constantly buying buildings just to have something to use without Joe’s influence.  I had picked up a bunch of factories, while Kevin had all the mines.  I was able to slow Joe down a little with a bombing run to take out his University.

I had a decent selection of Plutonium bombs available, and managed to get to 43 points, but Kevin was already at 38 with a mix of Uranium and Plutonium.  Joe tried to slow Kevin down to give himself a chance, but it wasn’t enough.  Kevin had everything he needed, including a 22 point bomb.  He hit the 60 point limit one turn before I would have been able to complete my last bomb.


Until next time, happy gaming!


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