Weekend Gaming: The Manhattan Project and More

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERALouis, Kevin, Joe, Gina, and I started off our Saturday evening with a game of The Manhattan Project.  Louis was performing air strikes often, causing issues for Gina, Joe and Kevin primarily.  I had picked up a factory to product money and fighters early, so I was well protected from the strikes.

I wasn’t protected from spies, though, and Kevin took advantage.  I had a nice system going, collecting plutonium, but I didn’t have quite enough bombs.  Joe had tied up the bomb design spot, and I had to plan carefully to avoid Kevin’s spies.  I came close with 38 points, but Kevin was able to get the last bomb build and loaded, taking the first game of the night.


Gina headed to bed, and the rest of us dove into a game of Glen More.  I started off heavily into the whiskey.  I was able to get the early jump and picked up the maximum bonus every round.  After that, though, I some what stalled, while Kevin was training Chieftans and selling to the annual fair.  Louis had also found a fair and a couple taverns to get points.  What saved it for me, though, was that I was able to grab the tile that gave bonuses for yellow tiles and then a bridge.  I was able to use the bridge twice and the bonus points pushed me to 60 points and the victory.


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAKevin and Joe stuck around for one last game of Navegador.  Kevin and I both started off looking for colonies; he was grabbing gold, and I, sugar.  Joe started grabbing up factories and privileges for just about everything.  I did score the privilege for colonies, and just went heavily into buying up colonies.  I also started buying shipyards, while Kevin switched gears to buy factories and churches.

Joe and I were both sailing together towards Nagasaki, and I was able to get there first.  He had already bought a couple shipyards before I could and I was only able to get one privilege for shipyards.  Kevin got full points for churches and nearly full points for his markets, and ended up beating me by about 15 points.


Until next time, happy gaming!


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