Weekend Gaming: Warming Trends

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThe weather certainly isn’t getting any warmer, but Joe, Louis, Kevin and I made it through Saturday with CO2 and Hawaii.

CO2 started off well with only 190 PPM.  I was able to quickly build a solar plant in Europe and started work on forestry in Africa.  Turned out that solar was very popular as nearly everyone was working on a project.

Things were pretty well under control, so everyone was working on their own projects with a bit of theft here and there.  Joe was the first to start completing UN goals, and I followed it up with my own as I was the only one with any forestry.  That did change pretty quickly, though, as Africa was a hot spot for forest projects.  Holding the company goal to control continents, I held Europe, Africa and Asia until the last turn.  Louis was able to build a forest in Africa, and with more expertise he took control.

It ultimately didn’t matter.  Joe had been gathering CEPs as fast as he could.  I tried to help tank the market, but he still ended up with 30-plus points from them alone.  Kevin managed second place, and Louis last.


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAWe followed that up with Hawaii.  All of the huts were far away on the island, so no one ended up trying the spear tactic.  Instead, Joe and I quickly snatched up the cheap boats, while Kevin went for Kahunas and Louis started grabbing fruit.

Joe was able to get the god that provided bonus points for surfers and boats before I could, putting a serious damper on my game.  Instead, I ended up with the gods that allowed cheaper travel around the island and the one that gave bonus points at the end of each round for keeping my people happy.  With three surfers, I was easily able to keep my surfers happy and my boats helped grab enough to fill three villages.

I had a solid 89 points, but Louis and Kevin ended up with 97.  Kevin had a full compliment of kahunas and a couple improved long huts for a huge end game bonus.  Louis also had a tone of bonus points from all of his fruit.


Until next time, happy gaming!


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