Weekend Gaming: More Flashpoint

I played in the State Darts Singles tournament this weekend (taking 3rd in my division), so we stayed with my parents.  On Friday night, Gina and I played a couple games of Flashpoint.  We lost both games with the house collapsing around us.  We weren’t able to spread out and control the fire while also taking care of the victims efficiently.  If we had concentrated on the fire first, and then the victims, it may have been easier.

On Saturday, I visited the local game shop and ended up buying two of the expansions for Flash Point: Dangerous Waters and Extreme Danger.  They look like they should be fairly challenging with some interesting twists.

Then, that evening we taught Flashpoint to Laura and Dana.  They enjoyed it, and we beat the game fairly handily with there being almost zero fire left on the board.  We did lose two victims to fire, though, simply because of bad luck.

We finished the evening with Phase 10.  I ended up winning, narrowly beating out Laura, with a bit of help from Dana and Gina in the last phase.

Until next time, happy gaming!



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