Weekend Gaming: Scoundrels and Spyrium

Kevin, Louis, and I started Saturday of with Lords of Waterdeep with the Skullport expansions. The corruption mechanic was an interesting addition. We all floated around the same collection of corruption, with Louis holding the most. We were all completing quests pretty quickly, and Kevin and I entered the last round neck and neck. I ended up forcing him to take an extra corruption before finishing a quest and managed to finish a single point ahead to take the win.

We followed that with Spyrium. We all quickly gained workers and started building our plans. Kevin was building a bunch of buildings while Louis had a nice stock of Spyrium and two factories that produced a bunch of points. I had the cards that have bonuses for workers and the blue tokens. I was using a university and a laboratory to gain points. With those and the bonus points, I was able to hold the lead for another victory.

Until next time, happy gaming.



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